Mason City has a once in a lifetime opportunity to make Mason City a greater place to live if we vote yes for the downtown Renaissance Project. We cannot let this great opportunity slip away.

Think of all the wonderful benefits we will receive if the project is approved. We have seen in the past here in Mason City how negative some people have been because they think it will cost them money. So if you are one of those individuals who likes to vote against things, just remember that this is entirely different than any other opportunity Mason City has had in the past.

First of all, the project will receive a gift of $10 million from the State of Iowa because they recognize how badly Mason City needs these improvements and opportunities. Secondly, with all the benefits that we will receive and the added revenue to the city, it will actually save taxpayers money.

Think about all of the wonderful enhancements to our city a yes vote will bring. Think about all of the revenue that will be brought to our city with conventions for 500 people or more that we now have to turn down because we do not have the capacity anywhere in Mason City. Think about our families who will be able to enjoy all the entertainment and fun things in life including ice shaking, hockey, music concerts and other forms of entertainment that our children and grandchildren deserve and need.

If you are leaning to vote against this wonderful opportunity, please change your mind and vote yes for your benefit and for the benefit of your family and friends. This may likely be the last time Mason City can move ahead finally and it will not cost you a dime.

Jim and Mary McGuire, Mason City


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