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Common sense regarding guns, and school prayer are needed to stop school massacres.

Regarding gun common sense: 1. Ban gun-free zones, where most of our country's massacres have occurred. 2. Require all schools to have trained, armed staff just like sports and entertainment celebrities, millionaires, banks and congresspersons. After all, our children are at least as valuable as these.

Regarding school prayer: it was taken out of our schools because liberals felt it was wrong. They also took the Ten Commandments out of our schools because liberals felt they espoused a religious belief not shared by all and were offensive to some. Prayer and respect for others is needed.

Laws didn't end drinking during Prohibition. More laws won't end violence in our schools and neighborhoods. Violence will end only when our children are protected by armed guards and when people have the respect for one another that God intended for us to have.

Let's start by reinstating daily prayer and respect in our schools.

Pat Ropella, Mason City


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