Illegal and legal immigration has been a big issue that has divided many of us.

As Christians, we believe God gave us the Ten Commandments to live by, as our government gives us laws to live by. We have God's laws and our government's laws to keep order in our lives and country. When the government does not enforce these laws, it causes great disorder that we are experiencing.

When should you stand for the laws or when do you stand for compromise? Or do we have to give up one for the other? We all need to compromise, but at what point do you compromise if it is giving up your laws and values?

Of all the countries in the world, the U.S. leads in the number of immigrants we let into our country to become citizens. We should welcome people into our country to become citizens, if they come here legally. The U.S. can only allow so many people across our borders. Compare our country to a big boat. We can only allow so many people across our borders, or, as a boat, we too will surely sink.

Ask yourself: is my business, church or house ever locked? If yes, why? Why do I not have more children? Why not 20 or 30? Do I not try to monitor my children so they choose friends wisely? People coming into our country to become citizens should be monitored very carefully for their principles and willingness to assimilate. Why do we have a broken immigration system?

What is the answer? To me, the answer is to enforce the laws we have now until such time they can be changed. We need to control immigration first by controlling our borders. Only then can we reform immigration.

Alyce Hugeback, Hampton