The mayor election is upon us. At this time, I would like to endorse Mrs. Colleen Niedermayer. I know Colleen will be an excellent mayor. As I worked for her for 12 years as a quality control laboratory technician at our local cement plant.

With Colleen’s work ethic, she is the boss everyone would love to have. Colleen’s skills as a manager-supervisor of the total finished product has put Lehigh at the “top shelf” in a highly competitive world market. She has gone above and beyond. Imagine what she could bring to Mason City as mayor.

As a mother, Colleen will strive to enhance the future of the children of the community. Colleen’s abilities are far superior to anyone who has ever ran for mayor of Mason City. The adage “bring in the new” is the real deal, here and now. A vote for Colleen Niedermayer is a win-win for all.

Allen Von der Linde, Mason City