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I just heard someone saying "Iowa Nice." That is what wrong with this state. By being nice, we are seeing numerous hog confinements moving in to Iowa.

When Terry Branstad said he loved Iowa, I feel it was for exploiting the state by letting corporate hogs come in and destroy our air and water quality.

Was this done for political contributions to their party? Now, I feel this is what the Worth County Supervisors feel.

Screw the health and well being of the county residents, let us bow down to corporate ag, so they can make money feeding communist China!

How can Iowa be the No. 1 state to live in with over 750 impaired waterways and the hazardous air pollution that comes from these operations?

I get this sinking feeling: is this what the Native Americans felt when the U.S. Army took their land and freedom away? I know it was much worst for the Indians. Not only did they lose their land, but also a lot lost their lives in the process. Maybe the reservations that they move us to will be cities over a population of 50,000. Sorry Northwood, you are to small to worry about!

This way, if no one lives in rural Iowa, there will be no reports of pollution from rural residents.

If we are going to win, maybe we need a Little Big Horn of our own, not with violence, but at the voting polls this fall. Find out witch candidates have sold their soul to big money and the greed of agriculture. This is the only way rural residents can win big and start renewing our state environment.

James Berge, Kensett


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