Perhaps the way Steve Epperly's letter to the editor was written and appeared in the Globe Gazette on Sunday, Dec. 17, is why this country has become so divided. He wrote he disliked being disrespectful but proceeded to name-calling, saying "so-called President of the United States," "redneck state," "dark abyss," "Trump the Tweet Twerp," and "moronic voters."

The shame should be put on Mr. Epperly for name-calling and not getting his facts straight; the Republican and Democrat parties for sitting back, doing nothing; former President Obama and his administration for the poor condition; and trillions and trillions of debt left to this country when Mr. Obama left office.

Maybe Mr. Epperly should be listening to other channels for his world news. Maybe to CSPAN or the business channel for what the stock market is doing now. Maybe he would have heard about Obama's Iran nuclear deal and the shielding of a Hezbollah drug ring from the DEA to save the deal. Maybe Mr. Epperly would have heard al-Qaeda and ISIS gave rise to power in the Middle East when President Obama pulled U.S. troops from that area.

The majority of jobs being created by the Obama Administration were not jobs that could adequately support families.

Maybe we should all stop the name-calling and the divisiveness and start working together to get this country and debt back on track.

Alyce Hugeback, Hampton


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