Iowa is broke, out of money once again. Instead of raising taxes on the super-rich and the large corporations earning millions, additional budget cuts have been proposed on services to those who can least afford additional expenses and thus minimizing their disposable income.

It has been proposed 30 court systems be closed in 30 counties, Mitchell being one of them. So citizens of Mitchell should drive 20, 40, 60 or 80 miles round trip to another courthouse to utilize the court services, while the Koch Brothers garner additional wealth once again at the expense of the working poor. Plus, closing courthouses does not decrease the need for workers to process clerk of court items.

When one considers everything inclusive, the increased costs to local government and the public, there is no savings, but there are substantial additional expenses!

This is the message of your government located in Des Moines. Robin Hood in reverse: Give to the super-rich while taking away from the poor because the poor cannot defend themselves or buy their legislator. The super-rich have money; the poor do not.

While the rich may have money, the working class and the poor still have the ballot box (which are having more and more restrictions to limit those who can vote). The rich try to get the poor fighting among ourselves, so we do not notice how the rich are deflating our vote. Register to vote and vote this November. The ballot box is all we have left. Vote this November.

Stan Walk, St. Ansgar