There are great things happening in Mason City, and there can be much more. What was once blighted can be beautiful.

I would like to point out the former Kmart building here in town. It has sat vacant and decaying for years. Now, it is burgeoning into a beautiful new strip mall, with zero help from the taxpayers and city hall. An investor came to town, picked out a great location. They rolled up their sleeves and made an outstanding improvement. A highly-visible corner that was an eyesore is now a destination. Across the street is a gorgeous new hotel from Kinseth - the Hampton Inn, with more development coming.

Let us partner with respected, "can-do" developers to make our city great again. Let's ask more of ourselves as property owners. And let us work hard to be sure the new Renaissance Project is successfully implemented and the taxpayers are protected. Let's make Mason Cityans feel welcome in Mason City.

Matt Marquardt, Mason City


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