In Sunday's Globe Gazette, the headline said, "'Mason City is dying.'"

For years, I've begged to take action and get high-paying jobs here. It seems all they want is part-time jobs, retail and restaurant. People can't pay rent or house payments on part-time jobs or raise a family. It's no wonder people move away.

The town hurts, schools hurt, and so many here are already getting help from food stamps and the food bank. There needs to be a six-month line for help. Help them to take work and to get on their feet. Help is not free and not a way of life.

The town wants to spend millions downtown. Why? They're getting ahead of themselves. Look who's expanding: Mercy hospital (for mental health care), Good Shepherd, and Legacy Apartments.

It's sad but true: seniors stay here. Don't move and we have a steady income, but we all worked many years for what we have now. Nothing's free. Someone pays. Our new governor says Iowa is paying out more than it's taking in. Health care is not free; ask anyone. Help anyone who needs it, but make a time limit on the help!

A big vote is coming up in our town. Think about all options. This vote will affect all of us.

Kay Bessman, Mason City


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