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I took the opportunity to attend a local legislative forum. The Legislators in attendance were, Mr. Guth, Baxter and Gassman. I thank them for the opportunity for us to express our views. It was a lively discussion.

The audience had many concerned questions on a variety of important topics. During the gun control discussion, we learned from our legislators that guns do not kill people, people kill people. There apparently is no need for further gun control measures, because that means we are coming to take their guns away. We were told this is a societal issue.

Too many divorces and single-parent households. The cure for all of this is the need for religion in schools, they stated. When someone asked about increasing funding for our schools, a legislator stated we can't increase funds to schools because there are 600,000 people on Medicaid.

I then asked, does that mean people should not have health care? The legislator asked me which church I belong to. I asked why does that matter. He said, because that is where you should get you health insurance from.

So, if it takes you two or three jobs to cover your bills, too bad. Our state government is not interested in you having a living wage. I bet you also did not realize the negative impact you have had on our society, due to your divorce.

More guns will fix our problems.

Religion in our schools will fix all of our ills.

And if you do not belong to the "right" church, too bad when it comes to health coverage. Wow!

These are the people writing our laws. It is time we decide if we want to continue as a democracy, or be a theocracy such as Iran. We need to take action now.

Lissa Holloway, Britt


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