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With Republicans running our state and federal governments, they say they are working for the betterment of their constituents. Is this really the world we choose to live in?

Where truth and facts don't matter? Take our President, Alex Jones and Fox News conspiracy theories.

Where climate and science deniers are in charge of our environmental safe guards, and they make cuts to the budget of the EPA in spite of the worst natural disasters?

Where clean up of Iowa waterways is paid by the public rather than the abusers, and are still only voluntary?

Where crumbling infrastructure is the norm, yet the wealthy still get their tax cuts?

Where the new strategy for the CFPB is to deter the agency from aggressively pursuing its mission to protect Americans from financial firm rip offs? Equifax can breach our most personal information without penalty.

Where health care is not a right, and budget cuts are made to the safety net for health care for our most vulnerable population (privatized Medicaid)?

Where contraceptive and medical care for women is much less available, abortion is a crime, medical providers can face a potential lawsuit for a lifetime, and social services budgets are cut, thereby not able to appropriately care for our ever increasing number of vulnerable persons?

Where a public school opponent (Betsy Devos) is in charge of our public schools, funding for public education continues to deteriorate and higher education costs skyrocket? And yet our state Legislature still wants to take more money away from public education to give to private, under-regulated, for-profit schools.

Where religious rights trample over human and equal rights?

Where Russian cyber aggression is not acknowledged or attempted to be prevented?

We all need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider our priorities.

Lissa Holloway, Britt


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