Let me tell you why I support Nate Boulton for governor of Iowa.

I have seen the majority party in Iowa drunk with power this last legislative session. This is not the Republican party of the past, passing ideologically-driven, special-interest funded legislation that doesn’t represent our Iowa values and hurts the citizens of Iowa.

In the middle of all this, and against steep odds, I’ve seen Nate Boulton, fighting every day for the citizens of Iowa. Nate’s focus is on Iowa’s future, like I’ve heard him say “planning for the next 20 years, not the next 20 months.”

Nate believes in the raising the state’s minimum wage to $15/hour, strong support for education, funding for mental health and women’s health and protecting our environment. His fighting for the rights of middle-class working people in Iowa is unmatched.

Nate has visited all 99 counties since his candidacy was announced last May. His rural upbringing in Columbus Junction, his work ethic and personal drive defines who he is.

I’m 56 years old, and this is not the Iowa that I grew up in. I truly believe that as Nate Boulton says that this election is “fight for the soul of our state” and believe Nate Boulton has both the leadership and vision to take Iowa forward into the future.

Join me in supporting Nate Boulton for governor in 2018! Run With Nate!

Jerry Jones, Newton


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