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Our vote on Nov. 7, based on what has been happening around our area for the past few years.

Our mall, along with many other small malls, has been having a difficult time existing in today's arena. It's called "online shopping." Order almost anything online and it will be delivered to your front door in a couple of days, free shipping and sometimes even free returns. How can we complete with that? So the mall is not going to re-exist the way it used to be.

I don't have any suggestions to offer; it's not suitable for storing corn. Nor have I heard any coming from our community. There was a viable suggestion about Music Man Square.

The City Council has worked hard for a long time to solve this dilemma. So now, I have witnessed something I want to share:

We have a group of citizens who realized that the Stockman House had to be saved because the architect was Frank Lloyd Wright. They got it done. Then, the Wright on the Park Hotel...there were some who thought that this was not necessary, but this group fought again to save a famous structure. A few people who achieved so very much. We are receiving recognition from all over the world. How can this not branch out to companies who want to expand, move to somewhere people care about their community and want to grow?

We will vote yes. Let's expand on what we have to offer, not only to those looking at us as a place to move, but to our local citizens.

Arlene Gilbert, Mason City


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