Thank you, John Johnson, for your letter regarding the debt in Mitchell and Winnebago counties ("Thankful to live in Hancock County," Jan. 3). In the past eight years, I have argued against the use of the money gained from wind farms as an excuse to bond money for often unnecessary projects in our county. My protests fall on deaf ears. Our local supervisor verbally attacks anyone who disagrees with him. When I have used expert opinions like, Dave Swenson of Iowa State, my supervisor indicates no one knows as much as he does about these matters, period. He insists that debt is good and an asset to the county.

The existing wind farms and the newly proposed one should have been literally a wind fall for Mitchell County. Instead it has turned into an endless use of property tax money that should have gone into the general fund. Mitchell County should be one of those debt-free counties. Now we have the distinction of a county with a population of 10,000, having a debt of $32 million. If the supervisors get their way, soon to be more. Maybe we can be No. 1.

Deo Koenigs, St. Ansgar