I moved back to Mason City 39 years ago, In that time most of our mayors were not very good. The worst one is our present mayor. We have an opportunity to try to change that.

We have three candidates running for the position now. One is a nice young man with no experience in the real world yet. Another is a puppet for the chamber of commerce, and most of the members are not interested in what is good for Mason City but what lines their pockets. Then there is the third candidate who has no connection to the chamber but who will listen everyone to try and make the best decision for Mason City. Therefore I recommend that you vote for Colleen Niedermayer for mayor. That will be a vote for Mason City.

In the Forth Ward, we have four people running. One is a puppet for the chamber and did a poor job last time he was a council member, and one person who only gripes about things but does little to work to improve them. A third who changes his loyalty if you give him money. Which leaves the last who has the intelligence and experience to understand the workings of government. The person who deserves your vote is Jack Leaman.

It is unfortunate that the only at-large candidate is a puppet of the chamber of commerce.

Vote to improve Mason City but vote. Mason City can be much better and should be.

The last thing: vote no on the last attempt this city administration and council has of ruining Mason City.

Ray Wenrich, Mason City