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Regarding the ridiculous lynch mob on the CNN (Communist News Network) "Town Hall":

Question: Why do all these students have pre-prepared Democrat talking points memorized?

I saw a student from the Florida high school the other day that said he knew his fellow students were being manipulated by liberals. The alphabet soup, lame-stream media's never asked him why. But he knew that something important had changed between the Thursday/Friday newscasts and the Sunday morning talk shows. They changed from articulate, smart students into articulate, NRA-bashing, Democrat-mouthpiece, liberals.

His story prompted me to think about why taxpayers have enabled lawmakers to legislatively force people to educate their children, mostly by sending them to public schools.

Then those very same taxpayers have consistently allowed liberals to make them "gun-free" zones, essentially making our kids sitting ducks in a public building.

And, finally, I wonder why taxpayers don't insist that schools take all measures necessary to protect their kids while they're in those public, taxpayer-funded buildings. Look me in the eye and tell me why!

The reason why seems to be that progressive/liberals think inanimate objects kill people.

News flash to liberals: those inanimate objects are useful when a nut-job brings one into your kid's classroom and starts shooting.

But the larger point here is that guns are here to stay, and you're not going to legislate them away. Legislating hardware is stupid.

Today it's the AR. Tomorrow it's Captain Kirk's phaser. You'll never stop legislating hardware, and you'll never solve the problem.

So liberals and squish Republicans need to pull their heads out and start protecting our kids with our money, the same way protection is provided for government buildings, airports, airplanes, and – dare I mention it – Disneyland!

Michael Fiala, Clear Lake


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