Farmers and agricultural producers, this is a challenge. I challenge you to tell your story.

I challenge you to communicate what we do to put healthy food on the table, to fuel the growing population, and how we clothe the masses.

I challenge you to communicate how one percent of the population of the United States feeds the world.

I challenge you to tell your story on how you're planning on passing down your farm to your kids and how you're going to leave it better than when you had it passed to you.

I challenge you to communicate how you care for your livestock and the commitment you have to raising that animal in a humane manner.

I challenge you to show the world how hard working and how technologically advanced we have become so that we can be efficient enough to feed the world while only just scraping by ourselves.

My challenge to you is a hard one. We have never been under fire the way we have been recently from an uninformed populous. It's not their fault. It's on us. The populations have grown farther and farther away from that connection to the farm.

We have to communicate why we must exist and why that disconnect must be forgiven. We have to continue to innovate, grow, and work harder than we ever have before.

But remember my challenge, we must share our story.

Trae Hestness, Clear Lake