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Trump has the highest staff turnover rate of any president in the last 100 years, and I'm not talking basketball here. Here is the first year turnover rate for senior staff of the last six presidents: Reagan 17 percent; H.W. Bush 7; Clinton 11; W.Bush 6; Obama 9; Trump 34.

Most of the cabinet picks are disasters.

Secretary of State Tillerson's qualifications were billionaire, friend of Trump, and been in a lot of countries making money for himself and Exxon Mobile.

Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, long-time friend of Trump and worth $2.5 billion. He restructured hundreds of millions of debt owed on Trump's bankrupt Atlantic City casinos in 1990, then hired Trump and paid him millions a year to run them while Trump stiffed his contractors.

Then Trump made his only black pick, "Sleepy" Ben Carson, who opposes laws against discrimination and criticized fair housing rules as a "mandated social engineering scheme." Does he even know he is black?

Betsy DeVos, Amway heir worth over $5 billion, and chartered blonde airhead, had never been in a public school until after her appointment, and she was literally run out of the school.

Scott Pruit, EPA Secretary, is a climate change doubter, has a pending lawsuit against the EPA's own "Clean Power Plan," opposes EPA regulations, and supports fracking. That's like appointing Vlad Putin (Trump calls him "Vlad,") as Secretary of State and Kim Jung Un as our Secretary of defense.

I'll finish with some Trump potpourri:

He fired Director Comey from the FBI because of the Russian election interference case. He fired the former FBI Deputy Director McCabe who replaced Comey and fired the Deputy DOJ Sally Gates after Sessions recused himself from the investigation.

Evangelicals, you may be my next target. Heads up!

Steven Epperly, Mason City


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