I’m writing to express my support for Tony Brownlee for Clear Lake School Board. I’ve known him and his family for years. He actively engages to improve our community; his candidacy is an example of that.

It takes a special person to competently handle all of the facets of the education system. Tony is fit for the challenge. Being a six-time All American track and field athlete, he’s no stranger to commitment, hard work, and discipline. Those qualities and drive for achieving the highest standards have accompanied him throughout his life. He would without a doubt bring that experience to this position on the School Board.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. After speaking to coworkers, there was an overwhelming theme in their opinions; He’s a natural leader, who develops strong relationships to work together towards a common goal. He makes ideas actionable by working alongside his teams to accomplish innovative and inspiring initiatives.

Tony would bring a worldwide insight, highly regarded by businesses on Wall Street to our small community, while staying grounded. Our schools are in constant modes of change. Decisions are being made - at all levels - that can impact our student’s education. Since Tony serves on the alumni boards of both Central College and Iowa State, he’s in a unique position to hear and process information from all sides. He’s able to connect the dots and come up with logical, sensible solutions and encourage his team alongside to attain them.

Tony is passionate about our community. Serving on the Clear Lake School Board would be perfect for him to continue spreading this passion. I will be voting for Tony Brownlee for Clear Lake School Board, and for the good of our Schools hoping you all will do the same on Sept. 12.

Emily Schmitt, Clear Lake


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