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My neighbors and I have recently received mailings and Facebook postings that deliberately misrepresent our Iowa State Sen. Amanda Ragan (D-Mason City). These are sponsored by the Republican Party of Iowa and are a shameful attempt to falsify the record and delude the public before the upcoming November elections.

They make the same fraudulent claims of silly spending such as heated sidewalks that Republican campaigns have been putting in their advertisements against Democratic legislators for the last 10 years. The same cunning lies were used successfully by Americans For Prosperity two years ago to vilify and “take out” Mary Jo Wilhelm and Brian Schoenjahn. One would think that Republican ad-men, for the money they are paid, could at least invent new ones instead of running the same old pathetic lies.

The truth is that Amanda Ragan has been an exemplary representative for the people of Senate District 27 in Cerro Gordo, Franklin, and Butler counties. She is one of the most hard-working, knowledgeable, and caring public servants in Iowa government and has received awards for being an outstanding legislator.

Amanda Ragan has called time and again for oversight of the disastrous turnover of Medicaid to private out-of-state insurance companies that has resulted in wasted money and lower standards of care. She has fought for better funding of education and other vital services, while the all-Republican-statehouse has frittered away the state’s surplus on corporate give-a-ways.

The disgraceful defamation spread by the Republican Party may backfire on Shannon Latham of Sheffield, the opponent slated to run against Amanda Ragan. Latham could condemn and disassociate herself from this politics of personal destruction, but if this early smear is any indication, we may have a down and dirty campaign coming.

David Mansheim, Parkersburg


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