As an MCHS alum who ran track as a Mohawk, and whose brother was on the Mohawks' state championship football and swim teams, and whose sister played Mohawks sports and served as a class officer, I’m appalled at the effort underway to deep-six the name Mohawks from Mason City athletics.

According According to the respected, pro-Native American website, “the Mohawk were one of the most feared of all the native Indian tribes, and terrified their enemies due to the violent and brutal way in which they waged war.”

News flash to members of the Mason City School Board: Don’t even consider trying to ruffle the feathers of today’s Mohawks and their legions of fans. Any board member who votes for this ludicrous, politically correct proposal will be about as pleased with the results of their next election as Gen. Custer was with Little Big Horn.

Todd Blodgett, Clear Lake