Domestic violence thrives when we are silent; but if we take a stand and work together, we can end domestic violence. Throughout the month of October, help Crisis Intervention Service to raise awareness about domestic violence and join in our efforts to end violence. Here is what you can do:

Volunteer: Contact Crisis Intervention Service to see what kind of volunteer work is needed. Share your special talents and your time to help people in danger feel safe again.

Donate: Victim services had deep cuts in our budgets this past year, so gifts of money are always welcome. We also have great need for material goods for people seeking safety, setting up new homes and starting new lives.

Become educated: Check out our website,, or that of the National Network to End Domestic Violence or the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Learn about the prevalence of domestic violence in your community, your state and the nation. Consider how society perpetuates gender violence.

Get involved: Be bold enough to speak up and stand up for victims when you witness any sort of demeaning language or behavior. Believe and help a friend who confides in you about experiencing domestic abuse. Hold people accountable when they are abusive and support them in trying to change their behaviors.

Your local Domestic Abuse Advocate services can be reached at 641-228-0015.

Crisis Intervention Service provides safety, support, and hope to victims of domestic violence throughout 15 counties in north central Iowa. They work to engage communities in the mission to create a society free from violence and oppression.

They can be reached at 855-424-9133 24 hours a day or

Emily Propst is an outreach advocate for Floyd, Mitchell and Worth counties at the Crisis Intervention Service.