It doesn’t take much examination of Steve King’s record in Congress to see that it’s time he be retired and we send Christie Vilsack to the U.S. House to represent the newly drawn 4th District.

King refuses to support the Farm Bill that has been supported by all other Iowa congressional representatives and many of his Republican colleagues.

King should be doing everything in his power to build support for the Farm Bill. Unfortunately, he isn’t even willing to support a discharge petition that would allow it to come to a vote in the U.S. House where the Republicans have political control.

The 4th District deserves someone like Vilsack who is willing to fight for agriculture and the rural economy. King should be voted out of office for not taking care of our agricultural needs in the 4th District.

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JB Johnson of Britt
JB Johnson of Britt

your farm bill is 80% food stamps. reread the letter and every time it says farm bill put the words food stamp


Randy – the lack of support for the Farm Bill is not about the “farm” portion but over the “welfare” portion - food stamps. I would bet most farmers understand this distinction.


Bull. As I pointed out the other day, the farm bill is NOT 80% food stamps. You can keep repeating the same old lies, but they're still lies. Look it up. This is a teabag game - again. That's why King is all over it.


Down with King! Up with the Po' Folks!



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