Diabetes is a giant scam that comes together like a spy novel. The processed and fast- food industries continue to serve up the non-foods that cause diabetes. The public buys and consumes this garbage by the megaton.

They start their kids on it early by serving them sugar-laden breakfast cereals because they have been taught by Madison Avenue that cereal is “breakfast of champions,” when in fact it is the breakfast of diabetes.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture continues with the same old nonsense about eating lots of grains and avoiding real foods like eggs, meat, fish, cheese and whole milk. The entire treatment of diabetes involves drugs that do not stop the heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, leg ulcers, circulatory problems and amputation due to diabetes. In reality, the drug treatments have even been shown to cause heart attacks and strokes — the very problems they were supposed to prevent.

But the one thing that does work perfectly is the profits raked in by agribusiness, the processed and fast-food industries, organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industries. The American Diabetes Association says it amounts to a quarter-trillion dollars annually.

You don’t want to buy into the prescription drugs. To cure your Type 2 diabetes, you must eat right and do burn-down exercise. My wife has ben fighting Type 2 diabetes for 15 years. The drugs have not helped; maybe they have hindered her. Something has to change.

She is taking 40 whole raw nutrition supplements daily plus following a strict diet along with a slow burn-down exercise. In 90-120 days we hope she will be cured. Her doctor will faint.


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