The election for Mason City Council representing Ward 3 offers the voters two candidates who couldn't be more different. Their backgrounds, their experience, their style, their temperament and their views on where the city should be headed give voters a clear choice when they cast their ballots Nov. 8.

In the choice between current at-large Councilman Max Weaver and former Mayor Jean Marinos to represent the southeast quarter of the city, we endorse Marinos as the best choice for Ward 3.

It's no secret that we have been critical of Weaver in the past, and we have used this space numerous times to chastise him for his actions at City Council meetings that we felt cast a poor light on the city and ill-served the people he was elected to represent.

Weaver frequently has been disrespectful to his fellow council members and the mayor (several different mayors, in fact), to city employees and even to members of the public. He has gone off on self-aggrandizing rants that have done little to add to the discussions at hand. He said he fights for the "little guy" and asks the "tough questions," but those claims fall hollow when stacked up against his record.

We think the Mason City Council would function better and represent the city better if Weaver were not part of it.

But this isn't just about why we don't think Weaver should get another term at the council table.

Fortunately in this election there is another candidate who is easy to endorse, regardless of her opposition.

Jean Marinos has a commendable history as a public servant: 15 years on the Mason City School Board including four years as its president; mayor of Mason City from 2003 to 2006, a position she won outright against nine other opponents in a race that everyone had been sure would require a runoff; and most recently as president of Wright on the Park Inc. which took over and completed the marvelous restoration and reopening of the Historic Park Inn Hotel.

She is also a businesswoman, owning American Realty in Mason City with her husband, Jim, and has been president of the Mason City Downtown Association.

Marinos said her involvement with the hotel restoration is one of the things that prompted her to run for City Council. She said she has become even more aware of the economic potential of Mason City and wants to help make that happen. She also said she wants to be part of creating a positive attitude for the community to combat the negativity and acrimony that have come from different quarters.

Marinos is professional, rational, smart, experienced and ready.

In a candidate's forum a couple of weeks ago, she made the statement, "Pick the style you want representing you."

We pick Jean Marinos as the best choice for Mason City Council Ward 3.

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Another Day Older
Another Day Older

What was it Gomer Pyle used to say at times like this? Oh yes, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" Seems to fit the bill.


Love the "Gomer" analogy! You're right, No Surprise. Of course they wouldn't endorse Weaver but it would always be someone with thier elite agenda. I don't think a newspaper should endorse anyone, just report the facts. They seem to have enough trouble with this.


Putting Marinos on the City Council will end up costing the taxpayers. She will keep asking for money for the upper crust for their (and her) pet projects. No suprise the Globe endoresed her, though. They hate Max and their views on what is "good" for Mason City are the same as hers. Spend, Spend, spend as long as the rich in town get what they want. I hope the voters in town can see through her and defeat her soundly. We dont need this type of government in Mason City. I cant afford it!!


Looks like these bloggers left their usual site where they spew their usual nonsense. VOTE FOR JEAN MARINOS!!


Ben- You're all for Marinos but you dont back it up. She was the worst mayor weve had in 30 years and now she wants to take another turn. No thanks.
flamethrower-I take it youre one of the rich and elite. Where do you come off calling me lazy?
Yes, Max is crass, but he does look out for us "little guys".You should give up your executive job and come join us for a while. See what its like living paycheck to paycheck instead of going to fancy parties at the Park Inn, which I paid for!!


big_pud76 you didn't pay for nothin'! You paid for city improvements that had to be done anyway.

And - by the way - I'm not rich.

I'm just sick of "little guy" fools that don't know jack about economics keeping me and other freedom-loving Americans from getting rich with their uninformed, Socialist, class warfare crap.


Let's face it, the Globe would have endorced Elmer Fudd over Max. Max will probably lose because our "informed" voters take the Globe's articles as gospel and won't take the time to research the issues. Remember, there is no law saying that a newspaper must print the news w/o adding their bias. All media add their agenda to their reporting. Morinos? Oh, my! With Morinos we are going to end up with Bookmeyer & the 6 dwarfs! Hold on to your wallets, it won't be pretty. Vote for Max or be sorry.

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