BOLAN — Emergency personnel responded to a wind turbine on fire around 3 p.m. Tuesday southeast of Bolan.

The wind turbine is part of the Barton II wind farm, which is owned by Iberdrola Renewables, confirmed Jan Johnson, company spokeswoman.

She said no one was in the turbine at the time or injured in it.

Johnson declined to comment further on the fire until the company had more information about it.

— By Laura Bird

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can anyone say 'carbon footprint'. Cough cough... Gotta love green energy!


Wow! Can you even compare a small incident like this to oil spill!? Riiight, pouring millions of oil into the ocean is soooo green! Besides the fact that the oil is being burned in cars and polluting the air. Wait, lets just burn coal instead! Thats green right? Better yet!!! Use nuclear power plants then bury the half life nuclear rods in the ground! "That sounds like green energy! Use your head


Go easy nonya you are talking to a red state.


Nonya must live down town, within a few blocks of work and kids school and have a garden. Most people have to get from here to there and to data there has not been an alternative to the automobile and school bus. The biggest problem is there are just too many people trying to use limited resources and there are not enough to go around.



you need to get in goose step with your boy...

Coal powers your computer, lights and anything in your house electric...the best way for you to protest coal power is to turn it off. If you comment again that tells me you're all for coal power.



by the way...I didn't compare this to an oil spill--what are you talking about?

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