CLEAR LAKE — A “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-themed escape room is coming to Clear Lake Saturday and Sunday. 

Dale and Debbie Anderson put together the escape room attraction at the D and D Ranch, which also hosts a haunted hike.

“This is such a fun and different thing to do,” Dale said. “We started working on it three years ago while attending the National Haunting Convention in St. Louis.”

The couple have been working on the attraction all winter. Named "Escape the Hewitts," the room is based on the Hewitt family home from the 1974 horror film.

“Thomas Hewitt a.k.a. Leatherface and his family have set up business in Northern Iowa,” Dale said.

For the escape room, visitors will assemble a team of friends, family or co-workers and make a reservation to visit the Hewitt home.

The team will be given 45 minutes to find the clues to solve puzzles, which will lead to keys. The keys allow the visitor to escape the two-level home before Leatherface and his family get home.

“This attraction is not scary; we save that for the haunted hike,” Dale said.

The escape room is set up like the Hewitt home in the film, complete with a fully-stocked kitchen, living room, bedroom and nursery with hidden pieces.

Escape rooms are a growing attraction in the U.S., with a handful located in Iowa.

After the Saturday and Sunday opening, the attraction will be open Fridays and Saturdays until Halloween. 

D and D Ranch is located at 2532 S. Shore Drive in Clear Lake.

Cost is $15 per person. Call 641-357-1695 or visit the D and D Ranch Facebook page for details and events.