MILWAUKEE — The Internal Revenue Service is looking for Iowa taxpayers who are missing more than 1,600 economic stimulus checks and taxpayers who are missing around 500 regular refund checks that were returned by the U.S. Postal Service due to address errors.

In North Iowa more than 60 economic stimulus checks were undeliverable, while approximately 15 refunds were returned.

“In Iowa, the average undeliverable stimulus payment is $549 while the average regular refund sent back is $918 — that’s a lot of money for families who may be looking for a little extra cash as the holidays approach,” said IRS Spokesperson Christopher Miller.

Nationally, the IRS is looking for taxpayers missing more than 279,000 economic stimulus checks totaling about $163 million and more than 104,000 regular refund checks totaling about $103 million that were all sent back as undeliverable.

“People across the country are missing tax refunds and stimulus checks. We want to get this money into the hands of taxpayers where it belongs,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. “We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for taxpayers to update their addresses with the IRS and get their checks.”

All a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once. The IRS will then send out all checks due.

It is crucial that taxpayers who may be due a stimulus check update their addresses with the IRS by Nov. 28, 2008. By law, economic stimulus checks must be sent out by Dec. 31 of this year. The undeliverable economic stimulus checks average $583."> Where’s My Stimulus Payment is the quickest and easiest way for a taxpayer to check the status of a stimulus check and receive instructions on how to update his or her address. Taxpayers without internet access should call 1-866-234-2942.

Nationally, the regular refund checks that were returned to the IRS average $988. These checks are resent as soon as taxpayers update their address.

Taxpayers can update their addresses with the,,id=96596,00.html">Where’s My Refund? tool on It enables taxpayers to check the status of their refunds. A taxpayer must submit his or her social security number, filing status and amount of refund shown on their 2007 return. The tool will provide the status of their refund and in some cases provide instructions on how to resolve delivery problems.

Taxpayers checking on a refund over the phone will be given instructions on how to update their addresses. Taxpayers can access a telephone version of “Where’s My Refund?” by calling 1-800-829-1954.

Taxpayers not sure of which type of check they may be due should check on a potential economic stimulus check first because of the looming deadline.

The IRS encourages taxpayers to choose direct deposit when they file their return because it puts an end to lost, stolen or undeliverable checks. Taxpayers can receive refunds directly into personal checking or savings accounts. Direct deposit is available for filers of both paper and electronic returns.

The IRS also encourages taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically because e-file eliminates the risk of lost paper returns. E-file also reduces errors and speeds up refunds.


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Storey, Artie E & Darlene — Missouri Valley


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Roth, E Maxine — Mount Union

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Gore, Jeffery L — Holstein

Harriman, Casey — Ida Grove

Jevne, Camron L — Battle Creek

Rehse, Bertha — Ida Grove


Behrens, Evelyn — Marengo

Eichacker, Richard C — Amana

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Haack, Ladean — Williamsburg

Humphrey, Dean & Ruby — Williamsburg

Kaplan, James & Wendy — Ladora

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Reynolds, David L Jr — North English

Robinson, Travis H — Millersburg

Rummells, Kevin P — Marengo


Blizek, Eleanor I — Maquoketa

Clasen, Alverda M — La Motte

Cotton, Marjorie — Sabula

Klocke, Kelsey M — Maquoketa

Scheckel, Myrl J — Bellevue

Wheeler, Brandon R — Maquoketa

Wiese, Jessica L — Maquoketa


Anderson, James K — Newton

Backus, Brad R — Baxter

Black, Dana R — Newton

Brown, Karla K — Newton

Dennis, Dustin — Newton

Fannan, Brandy R — Newton

Gladson, Derek L — Baxter

Grier, Alyssa L & Bret J — Prairie City

Howe, Lindsey N — Newton

Huffaker, Tiffany R — Newton

Johnson, Joshua E — Newton

Keith, Mae H — Newton

Kiamas, Christopher D — Newton

Lust, Larry C — Newton

Mason, Harold D & Mary L — Newton

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Rawlings, Kristin C — Newton

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Rodriguez, Marisol — Newton

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Timm, Alphond M — Newton

Trent, Michael J — Newton

Truong, Melissa — Kellogg

Vollers, Lynnett S — Newton

Wilson, Madeleine — Newton


Babcock, Carl A — Fairfield

Booth, Velma — Libertyville

Brown, Barbara — Fairfield

Cannon, Casey L & Sheila M — Libertyville

Christ, Jan A — Fairfield

Elliott, Bretteny — Fairfield

Erickson, R Lois — Fairfield

Guich, Steven M — Fairfield

Hawthorne, Brian R — Fairfield

Kurtz, Hilary — Fairfield

Lebert, Christopher A — Fairfield

Mccarty, Richard — Fairfield

Morin, Pierre & Patricia — Fairfield

Mustafaa, Demetri K & Dalila Aguiar — Fairfield

Odell, Karen D — Fairfield

Proctor, Aaron L — Libertyville

Richardson, Angela — Libertyville

Sanchez, Fernando H — Fairfield


Adams, James H — Coralville

Aprile, Mark O — Iowa City

Baughman, Madlyn L — Iowa City

Bdour, Ahmed N — Iowa City

Boehrs, Jessica — Iowa City

Boss, Kelly — Iowa City

Boyd, Dallas E — Coralville

Brown, Tommy L — Coralville

Busse, Tim — Iowa City

Cano, Rafael Y — Coralville

Chalhoub, Cerenna M — Solon

Chapman, Patricia — Coralville

Childs, Christopher A — Coralville

Christman, Steven A — Iowa City

Collazo-Rivera, James — Iowa City

Copper, Jacob H — Iowa City

Cox, William M — Coralville

Dahlem, Glen M — Iowa City

Devalois, Rory T — Iowa City

Drilling, Adam — North Liberty

Elies, Lauren M — Iowa City

Gacheru Dixon, Jane F — Coralville

Garcia, Nicholaus C — Iowa City

Gustafson, Janet J — Iowa City

Haesemeyer, Craig H & Wendy A — Iowa City

Hansen, Nicholas C — Iowa City

Hedges, Kristine S — Iowa City

Hutt, Martin D & Diane M — North Liberty

Jackson, Maurdell D — Coralville

Jira, Adam S — Iowa City

Johnson, Bruce E — Coralville

Johnson, Debra L — Iowa City

Johnson, Erskine — Iowa City

Johnson, Gregory L — Coralville

Kasik, Kendall E — Iowa City

Khare, Meghna A — Iowa City

Konne, Angelina — Iowa City

Krejli, Leanna M — Oxford

Krogh, Gunnar Carlo Jr — Lone Tree

Larios, Rodney O — Coralville

Lee, Ting-I — Iowa City

Louvar, Adam P — Coralville

Mango, Michael W & Beatrice L — Solon

Mcdermott, Maggie K — Coralville

Mcdonnell, Bradford C — Iowa City

Mcfarland, Robert C — Coralville

Miller, Ruth K — Iowa City

Nading, Steven — Iowa City

Newcomb, Aaron L — Swisher

O Leary, Kevin M — Coralville

Ogilrie, Britten R — Coralville

Ogoli, Samuel O — Iowa City

Patten, Felicia M — Iowa City

Pritchard, Dylan P — North Liberty

Ream, Scott A — Iowa City

Reyes-Garcia, Abel — Iowa City

Riess, Thomas H — Iowa City

Rost, William R Ii — Tiffin

Salcedo, Andy R — Iowa City

Santos, Noel — Iowa City

Sieloff, Blake T — Iowa City

Sims, Katelyn S — Iowa City

Sosaamigon, Emilia I — Iowa City

Sotzen, Tyler D — Iowa City

Stokes, Caitlin A — Coralville

Straight, Angelo P Sr — Iowa City

Swanwick, Drew K — Iowa City

Sydebotham, Madelene W — Coralville

Timper, Brandon E — Coralville

Tompkins, Christopher J — North Liberty

Vallejo, John — Iowa City

Werling, Layce B — Iowa City

Wiederhold, Rebecca Sue — Coralville

Williams, Lance J — Iowa City

Woods, Wendi D — North Liberty

Wright, Murry A Iii — Solon


Benedict, Mayka — Anamosa

Catano Figueroa, Jose Maria — Anamosa

Dahms, George O & Carol — Wyoming

Digmann, Kyle M — Monticello

Dundee, Harry — Onslow

Etscheidt, Alison M — Anamosa

Meyer, Amy L — Wyoming

Parham, Zachary J — Anamosa

Sanders, Arthur L — Anamosa

Taylor, Myrna K — Anamosa


Rodriguez, Manuel — Hedrick


Eischen, Nathan M — Wesley

Lamont, Christopher L — Lakota

Lindberg, Rebecka L — Lakota

Studer, Mildred F — Wesley

Thate, Robert — Swea City


Asher, Chelsie M — Keokuk

Bowen, David & Joetta — Fort Madison

Brannon, Patricia A — Fort Madison

Buckingham, Cecilia M — West Point

Davis, Jeramey — Fort Madison

Dingman, John & Tracy — West Point

Dodds, Douglas L — Keokuk

Farrell, Darla — Fort Madison

Francis, Steven L — Keokuk

Holmes, Toby & Julie — Fort Madison

Hunold, Mark B & Judy A — West Point

Mckoon, Shasta — Fort Madison

Merschman, Eugene H & Alvera R — West Point

Nelson, Richard M — Keokuk

Parker, Ricky D & Michelle M — Keokuk

Patterson, Judith A — Keokuk

Sanders, Mark J — West Point

Sarrazin, Eugene J — Fort Madison

Schuff, John R & Nancy A — Fort Madison

Stark, Jaymes A — Keokuk

Stegall, Becky S — Fort Madison

Toms, Edwin A — Fort Madison


Abraham, Charles & Janice L — Cedar Rapids

Amos, Kenneth L & Carolyn S — Cedar Rapids

Anderson, Michael D — Marion

Anthony, Bradley J — Cedar Rapids

Babcock, Cemeron — Cedar Rapids

Bachem, Ebobout — Cedar Rapids

Baker, Whitney J — Cedar Rapids

Balderston, Alma A — Marion

Barron, James P — Cedar Rapids

Becker, Troy M — Cedar Rapids

Beio, Edgar & Benia L Elbon — Cedar Rapids

Berry, Jeffrey L — Cedar Rapids

Bird, Shawn R — Fairfax

Blackston, Robert C — Cedar Rapids

Borg, O Arnold & Thelma — Marion

Boss, Shawn J — Cedar Rapids

Bullock, Jonathan L — Cedar Rapids

Bunker, Clara N — Cedar Rapids

Burke, Ashley J — Cedar Rapids

Busby, Jacqueline N — Marion

Byrne, Greg P — Cedar Rapids

Callanan, James M — Cedar Rapids

Carter, Mark S & Myrna I — Cedar Rapids

Caulder, Mary E — Cedar Rapids

Clark, Brad — Mount Vernon

Clark, Robert M — Cedar Rapids

Collins, Colleen W — Cedar Rapids

Conner, Carrie A — Marion

Cook, Jessica J — Cedar Rapids

Cook, Ronda K — Cedar Rapids

Crawley, Charles L — Cedar Rapids

Daering, Benjamin S — Cedar Rapids

Davis, Ajngela M — Cedar Rapids

Davis, Alice D — Marion

Deskin, Trisha M — Cedar Rapids

Deverell, Alicia L — Cedar Rapids

Dolezal, Mary L — Cedar Rapids

Dorando, Douglas — Mount Vernon

Edaburn, Richard O — Cedar Rapids

Edwards, Joshua D — Cedar Rapids

Emery, James P — Marion

Emmerth-Krajicek, Emily E — Cedar Rapids

Euans, Doris — Cedar Rapids

Evring, Sasha S — Cedar Rapids

Feddersen, Kenneth A — Cedar Rapids

Fevold, Gunner — Cedar Rapids

Fossum, Patricia A — Cedar Rapids

Frake, Jerome F & Jeanette A — Cedar Rapids

Frimml, John C Jr — Marion

Fritz, Harold W — Cedar Rapids

Fuller, Kevin G — Cedar Rapids

Fuller, Tanna C — Cedar Rapids

Fults, Dorothy L — Cedar Rapids

Gassmann, Crystal A — Cedar Rapids

Getz, Michael J — Cedar Rapids

Green, Charles A — Cedar Rapids

Grendler, Kevin A — Cedar Rapids

Griffith, David W — Cedar Rapids

Griffith, Jeremy R & Heather — Cedar Rapids

Grosvenor, Keith A — Cedar Rapids

Hall, Anthony S — Cedar Rapids

Hansen, Jason D — Cedar Rapids

Happel, Tina K — Marion

Harris, Benjamin P — Cedar Rapids

Havvgimana, Jean De Dieu — Cedar Rapids

Hawkins, Elmira F — Cedar Rapids

Hernandez, Luis M — Cedar Rapids

Hess, Jennifer — Cedar Rapids

Hettinger, Scott A — Walker

Hilliker, Nghia S — Hiawatha

Hoang, Hue H — Cedar Rapids

Hoang, Jack V — Cedar Rapids

Holderfield, Timothy S — Marion

Holloway, Dewayne E Jr — Hiawatha

Holloway, Randy — Cedar Rapids

Holmes, Richard B — Cedar Rapids

Ihde, Kelsey R — Cedar Rapids

Ingles, Veronica W — Cedar Rapids

James, Anson C — Cedar Rapids

Johnson, Christopher A — Cedar Rapids

Johnson, Darius L — Cedar Rapids

Johnson, Kevin T — Cedar Rapids

Johnson, Roy L — Cedar Rapids

Jones, Edward G — Cedar Rapids

Junge, Dale K & Marilyn M — Cedar Rapids

Kamara, Juliana R — Cedar Rapids

Kinnerup, Danielle R — Cedar Rapids

Kluesner, Karen K — Cedar Rapids

Knight, Shanda T — Hiawatha

Kriegel, Ross M — Cedar Rapids

Krieger, Jesse T — Cedar Rapids

Krumm, Marcie F — Cedar Rapids

Lake, Clint J — Hiawatha

Lange, Angela K & Dennis — Hiawatha

Lee, Samella N — Cedar Rapids

Legrand, Jennifer L — Cedar Rapids

Levy, Jason A — Cedar Rapids

Little, Freddrick C — Cedar Rapids

Mandle, Joshua J — Cedar Rapids

Manter, Lynn M — Cedar Rapids

Martin, Adam L — Cedar Rapids

Mathiesen, Martha A — Cedar Rapids

Mcbride, Robert L & Margaret A — Marion

Menefee, Crystal N — Cedar Rapids

Mitchell, Daniel W — Cedar Rapids

Mosley, Amy L — Cedar Rapids

Murillo, Alain G — Cedar Rapids

Myers, Jason A — Marion

Nalvanko, Natalie R — Cedar Rapids

Nedrow, Irene E — Marion

Nerio, Carlos — Cedar Rapids

Neunaber, Tami J — Cedar Rapids

Nguyen, Vinh O — Cedar Rapids

Nisley, John L & Lucy — Cedar Rapids

Nobiling, Grant E — Marion

Oakley, Amanda O — Cedar Rapids

Oleson, Sarah E — Cedar Rapids

Oliver, Martin K — Cedar Rapids

Ozburn, Kari A — Cedar Rapids

Painter, Shirley M — Hiawatha

Paisley, Virginia L — Fairfax

Parmenter, Nathan G — Center Point

Parris, Sonseeahray — Cedar Rapids

Perrego, Lynn — Cedar Rapids

Philipp, Shannon M & Victoria L — Cedar Rapids

Phillips, David E — Marion

Pickering, Elen T — Cedar Rapids

Pierce, Earl J Iv — Ely

Pirtle, Tia S — Cedar Rapids

Pledge, Daphnel L — Cedar Rapids

Plowman, Harley — Cedar Rapids

Reedy, Shawn M — Cedar Rapids

Rocarek, Derek L — Cedar Rapids

Rogers, Barbara A — Cedar Rapids

Sanders, C Jane — Cedar Rapids

Schmidt, Anthony D — Cedar Rapids

Skala, Jodie M — Fairfax

Slusher, Shannon K — Cedar Rapids

Smetzer, Justin D — Cedar Rapids

Smith, Jeremy L — Cedar Rapids

Smith, Mark A — Cedar Rapids

Solankrishnakumar, Dhineshbabu — Cedar Rapids

Spratte, Dennis W Jr — Marion

Stewart, Dewayne L — Mount Vernon

Sutton, Stacy L & Shaun R — Cedar Rapids

Thompson, Aaron S — Cedar Rapids

Tietz, John E & Judith — Cedar Rapids

Turkal, Jillian R — Cedar Rapids

Wagner, Jim B & Nicole D — Cedar Rapids

Walker, Anthony L — Cedar Rapids

Wellman, Josh — Cedar Rapids

Wells, Bradley F — Cedar Rapids

Westphal, Carolyn R — Cedar Rapids

Weydert, Gery M — Cedar Rapids

Wiesemann, Mary C — Marion

Wilken, Kimberlee K — Ely

Willadsen, Dave J — Marion

Williams, Michael — Cedar Rapids

Woit, Tarah A — Marion

Wright, Joe — Cedar Rapids

Wright, Lee — Cedar Rapids

Zieser, Allan D — Hiawatha


Avalos, Maria — Columbus Junction

Avila, Bianca Z — Columbus Junction

Brase, Derek A — Columbus Junction

Orozco, Elisandro — Columbus Junction

Rendon, Ruben — Columbus Junction

St Andrie, Cody J — Columbus Junction

Stineman, Dorothy M — Oakville

Unuigboje, Shawn — Columbus Junction


Hatfield, Brandi — Chariton

Jankowski, Candas — Chariton

Lankford, David — Lucas

Palmer, Shanna — Chariton

Wheeldon, Herman L — Chariton


Adams, Troy A — Rock Rapids

Creagor, Samuel D — Doon

Harty, Brian — Rock Rapids

Moser, Frances — Rock Rapids


Hayes, Mark A & Kelly J — Truro


Anderson, Richard A & Darlene R — Oskaloosa

Bason, Sara L — Oskaloosa

Bennett, Bruce — Oskaloosa

Bethune, Brittany N — Oskaloosa

Brice, Michael P & Nancy L Simpson — Oskaloosa

Ford, Laverne B — Oskaloosa

Lanser, Shelly L — Oskaloosa

Shipman, Kara A — Beacon

Taft, Molly K — Oskaloosa

Thomas, Tyrone C Jr — Oskaloosa

Thompson, Tim L — Oskaloosa

Van Gilst, Harriet — Oskaloosa

Verbeek, Eileen R — Oskaloosa

Visser, John R — Oskaloosa

Westercamp, Felicity J — Oskaloosa


Boender, Edna E — Pella

Bryant, Phillip S — Knoxville

Harvey, Helen A — Knoxville

Heaberlin, Helen — Knoxville

Henning, Steve — Melcher

Kuiper, Marjorie — Pella

Langstraat, Alice — Pleasantville

Loukota, Mary — Knoxville

Murphy, Tamara R — Tracy

Newport, Charles L — Pella

Richardson, Orville M — Knoxville

Thornburg, Jeric J — Pleasantville


Anjab, Leilani N — Marshalltown

Barker, Byron L — Marshalltown

Brewer, Matthew S — Marshalltown

Calloway, Solen C — Marshalltown

Carrillo-Medrano, Jose — Marshalltown

Chester, Ronnie Sr — Marshalltown

Claxton, James — Marshalltown

Corona Patlan, David — Marshalltown

Corona Patlan, Jose M — Marshalltown

Day, Rex A & Cynthia A — Marshalltown

Dieken, Doris — Marshalltown

Donelson, Kassandra M — Marshalltown

Gibbs, Shekarrie A — Marshalltown

Gurrola, Saul — Marshalltown

Harris, Timothy W — Marshalltown

Hernandez, Amanda L — Marshalltown

Hildebrand, Richard — Marshalltown

Inman, Kristen R — Marshalltown

Kanne, Reuben C — Marshalltown

Koko, John — Marshalltown

Kuhlers, Mark — Marshalltown

Lopez, Martin — Marshalltown

Lopez-Negrete, Martin & L Gutierre — Marshalltown

Maldonado-Lopez, Daniel — Marshalltown

Meyer, Judith A — Marshalltown

Murillo-Avalos, Rosa I — Marshalltown

Nail, Kellen J — Marshalltown

Ortiz-Diaz, Laure — Marshalltown

Paul, Mary N & Paul Nyoak — Marshalltown

Riek, May T — Marshalltown

Roy, Jennifer A — Marshalltown

Stewart, Robert D & Ruth L — Marshalltown

Yeager, Helen V — Marshalltown


Erb, Laura J — Glenwood

Hauger, Patricia A — Glenwood

Keast, Russell A & Diane C — Henderson

Naughton, Mark D & Ann M Rigatuso — Glenwood

Smiley, Travis & Anne — Emerson


Ask, Dorcas — Osage

Cockrum, Beulah M — Little Cedar

Ellison, Forrest & Virginia — Osage

Huemann, Margaret F — Stacyville

May, Albert A & Elizabeth S — Stacyville

Mayer, Eugene J  & Marjorie — Mc Intire

Niess, Joseph — Osage

Siefken, Helen E — Osage


Althoff, Debbie L — Onawa

Baker, Bernard Jr — Moorhead

Erickson, Doris M — Onawa

Johnson, Norman L — Onawa

Phipps, Harold & Ruby — Blencoe

Schwery, Ryan N & Leah F — Ute

Stewart, Amanda S — Onawa


Concannon, Shirley — Albia

Laughead, Thomas — Albia

Steel, Atom — Albia


Boyd, Jeffrey A — Red Oak

Childs, Aaron D — Red Oak

Confer, Kenrick & Wendy — Stanton

Falk, Steven — Red Oak

Moomey, Christopher & A Viner Moome — Red Oak

Vannausdle, Beth L — Red Oak


Axtell, John R Jr — Muscatine

Bechstein, Matthew C — Muscatine

Belz, Matthew — Wilton

Campbell, Joseph W — Muscatine

Cerna, Hinmy O — Muscatine

Delgado, Jose — West Liberty

Fisher, Keith — Muscatine

Frederick, Dale G — Muscatine

Gonzalez, Alisa D — Muscatine

Guzman, Alejandrina — Muscatine

Harland, Aaron L — Muscatine

Hicks, Matthew L — Muscatine

Lowe, John D — Muscatine

Marin, Sara L — West Liberty

Merrival, Don Roy — Muscatine

Montes, Efrain — Muscatine

Murguia, Edward R — Wilton

Ragan, Chad A — Muscatine

Reid, Scott W — Muscatine

Rios, Jesus & San Juanita — Conesville

Roberts, Shane M — Muscatine

Rodriguez, Armando — Muscatine

Rojas, Angelita R — Muscatine

Rubio, Demetrio — Muscatine

Salek, Ashley L — Muscatine

Sanchez, Elizabeth — Muscatine

Tavarez, M & J Tavarez Renteria — West Liberty

Vasquez, Rolando G — Muscatine

Weatherman, Aaron T — Muscatine

Weikert, Jonathan — Muscatine

West, Amy S — Muscatine

Wiley, Vera — Muscatine

Zaehringer, Charles L — Muscatine

Zuo, Tarkpor — Muscatine


Confair, Shaun M — Sheldon

Ponce Serrano, Esteban — Hartley

Rivera Aguilar, Sergio — Sheldon

Stanley, Elaine M — Paullina

Steinkuhler, Brandon D — Sheldon

Vasquez, Linda A — Sheldon

Wallinga, Marie M — Sheldon


Harms, Kaitlyn J — Ocheyedan

Tott, Glenn C & Annabelle L — Sibley


Carlson, Maudelene R — Clarinda

Dammann, Danny L & Barbara A — Clarinda

Foster, Aaron W — Clarinda

Graenser, Richard D — College Springs

Irvin, Guy E — Shenandoah

King, Justin — Clarinda

Lane, Marjorie L — Clarinda

Maley, Betty J — Clarinda

Marburger, Anna Marie — Shenandoah

Mcadams, Aaron C — Shenandoah

Mcgee, Staci M — Clarinda

Neville, Windy N — Essex

Noll, Tonya A — Clarinda

Straight, Jeffery E — Clarinda

Tyner, Alvin & Mildred — Shenandoah

Walters, Christopher G — College Springs

Webb, Travis D — Shenandoah


Alspach, Carolyn A — Emmetsburg

Banwart, Eva — West Bend

Benjamin, Dennis L — Emmetsburg

Berkland, Jeffrey L & Joleen M — Cylinder

Crook, Leroy R & Irene J — Emmetsburg

Darrah, Robert F & Lonna L Jr — Emmetsburg

Frideres, Kyle M — West Bend

Kompelien, Adam — Emmetsburg

Massner, Dallas J & Christy J — West Bend

Mclaughlin, Clint J — Cylinder

Monsulle, David X — Ruthven

Stamp, Richard — Emmetsburg

Tevis, Ronald D — Curlew


Beaulieu, Elsie — Hinton

Groethe, Grant M — Le Mars

Kennedy, Gretchen — Le Mars

Kimble, Cheryl A — Le Mars

Molzen, Leonard & Ella — Le Mars

Nilles, Kellen M — Le Mars

Schweitzberger, Ralph A — Kingsley

Selby, Adam M — Akron

Spry, Dena E — Kingsley

Stabe, Luella — Hinton

Stone, David K — Brunsville

Taylor, Thurmond D Jr — Le Mars


Smith, Marten K — Fonda

Wells, Anna C — Pocahontas


Adamovicz, Thomas Bailey — Des Moines

Ajang, Mabior G — Des Moines

Alcantar, Stephanie M — Des Moines

Alcorn, Steven B — Des Moines

Aloys, Bigirimana — Des Moines

Amiji, Huzefa — Des Moines

Anderson, Peter W — West Des Moines

Anderson, Tamara F — West Des Moines

Andrade, Abel I — Des Moines

Argueta, Keny L — Des Moines

Armstrong, Billie J — Des Moines

Auch, Tyler J — Des Moines

Austin, Donald E Jr — Des Moines

Ayala, Juvenal — Des Moines

Ayala, Kristin H — Des Moines

Baker, Aaron — Des Moines

Baker, Marion S — Des Moines

Balius, Melissa A & Dave C — Grimes

Ball, Michael R — West Des Moines

Barker, Larry J — Des Moines

Barnett, James F Jr — Des Moines

Barraza, Megan L — Des Moines

Bass, Kelsey M — Des Moines

Beck, Russell — Des Moines

Beechum, Jaleesa J — Des Moines

Bekish, Heather D & Timothy R — Des Moines

Belt, Michele F — Des Moines

Benjamin, James J — Des Moines

Bergman, Jonathan D — Bondurant

Bevington, Erna C — Des Moines

Beyer, Joseph W — Des Moines

Bice, Edward R — Des Moines

Bierma, Carol A — Des Moines

Bird, Megan K — West Des Moines

Blake, Richard J — Des Moines

Blomquist, Melanie R — Des Moines

Boone, Coley L — Des Moines

Bordenaro, Mary A — West Des Moines

Bowans, Peter L — Des Moines

Boylan, Aaron T — Des Moines

Bozarth, Jason L — West Des Moines

Bracelin, Pamela A — Des Moines

Brandt, Kenneth J — Des Moines

Brewer, Eraina B — Des Moines

Brito, Samuel Jr — Des Moines

Bronemann, Amanda J — Des Moines

Brown, Kristy M — Ankeny

Brown, Trina M — West Des Moines

Bryant, Stephanie M — Des Moines

Buch, Bryan J & Melody A — Johnston

Buehrer, Michael J — Des Moines

Burcham, Emily N — Ankeny

Burkmire, Crista M — Des Moines

Burns, Kathryn A — Runnells

Byas, Matthew R — Des Moines

Byers, Joshua J — Des Moines

Cain, Marcia L — Des Moines

Calderon, Stephanie L — Des Moines

Card, Tyler L — Des Moines

Carrico, Megan L — Urbandale

Carter, Aquanda B — Des Moines

Casner, Jamie N — Des Moines

Castle, Alisha J — Clive

Chaisson, Gladys C — Des Moines

Chalfin, Les M — Urbandale

Chan, Nyandyang K — Des Moines

Cheatem, John — West Des Moines

Choat, David B — Des Moines

Christian, Bob Jr — Des Moines

Clark, Dorothy V — Des Moines

Clausen, Johanna L — Des Moines

Cleaver, Christopher J — Des Moines

Clinton, Joan M — West Des Moines

Collier, Stephanie — Des Moines

Collins, Larry L Jr — Des Moines

Comegys, Danny E & Robyn L — Des Moines

Conzett, Daniel J — Clive

Corbin, Monty L — Des Moines

Cornejo, Luis — Des Moines

Cort, Jamie M — Des Moines

Cox, Samuel J — Des Moines

Cratty, Kevin E — Des Moines

Crooks, Rosa & Harold — Des Moines

Cropp, Stephiane M — Des Moines

Cruz, Joshua C — Des Moines

Curry, Todd A — Des Moines

Cyrus, Larry D — Des Moines

Daily, Elisse N — Des Moines

Daniels, Jeffrey S — Des Moines

Davidson, Gayle — Des Moines

Delgado, Dawn M — Alleman

Dellio, Hollee C — Des Moines

Dickens, Mary C — Des Moines

Dickey, Matthew — Ankeny

Dickinson, Russell B — Des Moines

Dixson, Debra D — West Des Moines

Doig, Matt M — West Des Moines

Doll, Bridget S — Des Moines

Domer, Merle E — Des Moines

Doody, John M Jr — West Des Moines

Dowayee, Evon — Des Moines

Drottz, Rex E — Des Moines

Du, Heidi L — West Des Moines

Duden, Madeline P & Delbert K — Des Moines

Efendic, Admir & Semsa — West Des Moines

Elverum, Michael T — Des Moines

Engeldinger, Troy D — Altoona

Erickson, Perry R Ii — Des Moines

Farris, Paul D — West Des Moines

Fastnacht, Barb C — Des Moines

Faur, James R — Des Moines

Feldman, Elizabethi G — Des Moines

Field, Christopher D — Des Moines

Foley, Ralph E — Des Moines

Frazier, Gary M — Des Moines

Fredrickson, Meagan — Des Moines

Fucaloro, Karen P & Leonard J — Des Moines

Fuller, Dora — Mitchellville

Funaro, Theresa — Des Moines

Garapo, Tinashe T — Des Moines

Garcia, Maria De La Cruz — Des Moines

Garcia-Garcia, Jeronimo — Des Moines

Garrett, Michael M — Des Moines

Garza, Laura — Des Moines

Gates, Eric M — West Des Moines

Glann, Kirk C — Des Moines

Gomez, Freddie — Urbandale

Gould, Solomon M & Heidi L Braun — West Des Moines

Grabau, Leslie M — Urbandale

Graham, Curtis R — Des Moines

Graham, Ramona K — Des Moines

Gravitt, Jeremy J — Des Moines

Grayson, Alice C — Des Moines

Greene, Anthony — Des Moines

Greene, Corwin A — Johnston

Greene, Natalie A — Ankeny

Griffith, Alan L — West Des Moines

Grouette, Lori L — Des Moines

Gulick, Rachel E — Des Moines

Guy, James T — West Des Moines

Guzman-Torres, Manuel — Des Moines

Hacker, Kimberly D — Des Moines

Hagler, Elizabeth A — Des Moines

Hale, Christopher D — Urbandale

Hall, Willie L — Des Moines

Hancock, Robert W & Georgia S — West Des Moines

Hansman, Frank J Jr — Des Moines

Harms, Tammi L — Des Moines

Harned, Ollis H & Luann E — West Des Moines

Harris, Michael R — Des Moines

Harrison, Teresa — Des Moines

Harvey, Denisha A — Des Moines

Harvey, Elbert D — Des Moines

Hashem, Jamila J — Urbandale

Hayes, Robynne B — Des Moines

Haynes, Kaile E — Urbandale

Headrick, Melissa S — Des Moines

Heard, Tramaine E — Des Moines

Henry, Darren J — Des Moines

Hernandez, Ana L — Des Moines

Herndon, Margaret — Des Moines

Herscha, Britaney L — Urbandale

Hickl, John T — Des Moines

Hook, Kevin — Des Moines

Hopkins, Robert R — Des Moines

Howard, David J — Des Moines

Hubbard, Matthew H — Des Moines

Hudson, Heather — West Des Moines

Hunter, Marcus M — Des Moines

Hunter, Vicki L — Des Moines

Huynh, Hoanh T — Urbandale

Ibrahim, Aboagla A — Des Moines

James, Sharrell L — Des Moines

Jansen, Virginia L — Johnston

Jimenez, Roger — Des Moines

Johansen, Ludvig A & Sarah V — Urbandale

Johnson, Allen R — Des Moines

Johnson, Harold D & Lou E — Des Moines

Johnson, Josh L — West Des Moines

Johnson, Keena — Des Moines

Jones, Mark H — Des Moines

Jones, Taylor C — Des Moines

Jordan, Trina — Des Moines

Jordan, Zach S — Des Moines

Julieta, Mpawenimana — Des Moines

Kak, Yohana A — Des Moines

Kalsem, Kenneth L & June L — Des Moines

Keagle, Catherine E — Des Moines

Kelly, Edward J — Des Moines

Ketch, Mary K — Des Moines

Keunen, Brad J — Urbandale

Kljajic, Edina — Clive

Koch, Alan — Des Moines

Koenen, Harlan P & Sharon D — West Des Moines

Konne, Tornyie — Des Moines

Koss, Andrew J — West Des Moines

Krishan, Akanksha — Urbandale

Kuhle, Danielle J — Urbandale

Lakers, Ryan T — Des Moines

Lakovic, Dzevad — West Des Moines

Lampkin, Theodore E — Des Moines

Larsen, Steven R — Altoona

Larue, Matt E — Des Moines

Lau, Nicole A — Des Moines

Lauer, Heidi — Ankeny

Lawson, Justen — Des Moines

Le, Trinh X — Des Moines

Leavenworth, Matthew — Des Moines

Lee, James W — Ankeny

Leonard, Kathryn G — West Des Moines

Lewandoski, David A — Altoona

Lewis, Taylor D — Des Moines

Lien, Joan A — West Des Moines

Liew, Taban — Des Moines

Little, Aaron J — Des Moines

Lodermeier, Allison R — Des Moines

Logan, Amanda D — Des Moines

Lohner, David D Sr — Des Moines

Long, Steve — Des Moines

Lopez Cime, Ana — Des Moines

Loriko, Peter — Des Moines

Lovan, Jonathan K — Des Moines

Lundin, Brent — Ankeny

Maritim, Sharone C — Ankeny

Martin, Terry L — Des Moines

Martinez-Salvador, A & M Aviles-Hu — Des Moines

Marturello, Marian A — Des Moines

Mayo, Gertrude L — Des Moines

Mcallister, Sami L — West Des Moines

Mcburney, Joshua L — Des Moines

Mccasland, Steven M — Des Moines

Mcclain, William R Jr — Des Moines

Mcdonald, John W & Joann — Des Moines

Mckinney, Erma L — Mitchellville

Mclaughlin, Ruth L — Urbandale

Mcpherson, Debra L — Des Moines

Medina, Socorro M — Des Moines

Meeks, Jamar — Des Moines

Megarit, Paul J — Des Moines

Meggison, Terry E — Des Moines

Mehmedovic, Jasna — Des Moines

Meiners, Benjamin — Runnells

Mikel, Glen H & Susan M — Johnston

Miller, Ashley M — Des Moines

Miller, Jodi L — Des Moines

Miller, Larry R — Des Moines

Miller, Michael C — Des Moines

Milligan, Bonnie R — Clive

Modali, Rajeev — Des Moines

Moon, Ryan S — Des Moines

Moore, Ralph E — Des Moines

Moreno, Jesse R — West Des Moines

Morris, Angela L — Des Moines

Morrissey, Catherine K — Urbandale

Myers, Dennis W — Des Moines

Nacke, Marvin L — Grimes

Neal, James — West Des Moines

Neal, John E Iii — Des Moines

Nentl, Robert T — Johnston

Newberry, Robert L & Dawn M — Urbandale

Newquist, Donald L & Rita K — West Des Moines

Ngor, Manam Maguay — Des Moines

Nguyen, Hoang Thanh — West Des Moines

Nguyen, Ly V & Lien T Bui — Des Moines

Nguyen, Son V — Des Moines

Nickerson, Ron B — Des Moines

Nickerson, Ronald — Des Moines

Noble, Timothy D — Altoona

North, Joel J — West Des Moines

Nosbusch, Seth M — Des Moines

Oppenheim, Sandy — Des Moines

Overbay, Matthew L & Makiko O — Des Moines

Pacheco, Gustavo — Urbandale

Pacheco-Meza, Aadan G — Urbandale

Pagel, Jennifer M — Ankeny

Palen, Michelle R — Urbandale

Parde, Adam D — West Des Moines

Paredes, Jaime E — Johnston

Parga Bozada, C A & M Navarrete Ga — Johnston

Parkey, Russell E Jr — Des Moines

Parrish, Ryan B — Des Moines

Patterson, Thomas R — Des Moines

Pearce, Gloria A — Des Moines

Peers, Donald E — West Des Moines

Perez Iii, Frank — Des Moines

Peterson, Deanne E — West Des Moines

Phan, Tuong T — Des Moines

Phetpriyavanh, Davone & Amone — Des Moines

Philips, Brian N Mr — Des Moines

Pinegar, Carrie — Des Moines

Polson, David M — Des Moines

Porter, Jeannette M — Des Moines

Puente-Hernandez, Yolanda — Des Moines

Purscell, Karen L — Des Moines

Quaye, Rita — Des Moines

Ramirez, Charlene M — Des Moines

Ramirez, Jesus F — Des Moines

Ray, Kenneth B & Sandra K  Sr — Urbandale

Reams, Marilyn K — Des Moines

Reed, John D — Des Moines

Reed, Nony L — Des Moines

Reed, Ryan M — Urbandale

Reed, Tosha L — Des Moines

Reich, Matt C — Urbandale

Rekyte, James P — Des Moines

Resczenko, Natalie N — Des Moines

Reyes, Roberto — Bondurant

Riedesel, Eric J — Ankeny

Rivera, Robin L — Des Moines

Rivera-Gonzalez, Jose A — Des Moines

Roan Robles, Tomas — Des Moines

Robinson, Clarissa D — Des Moines

Robinson, Jacob S — Des Moines

Robinson, Marcus — Des Moines

Roby, Zakia Y — Des Moines

Rodgers, Erik A — Des Moines

Rogers, Aaron J — Des Moines

Rogers, Lacy J — Ankeny

Roman, Jorge A — Des Moines

Rynearson, Jeff W — Des Moines

Safdar, Wasim & Razia Imtiaz — Des Moines

Santana-Ledesma, Juan & V Guzman — Des Moines

Saunders, Carlos — Des Moines

Scherle, Frederick J & Nancy L — Ankeny

Schuler, Joseph M — Des Moines

Schuyler, Taryn C — Johnston

Scoles, Ashley G — West Des Moines

Scorpiniti, Ryan — Des Moines

Scott, Jack — Des Moines

Scott, Mary Pide — Des Moines

Seals, Gerald A — Des Moines

Seay, Manny — Des Moines

See, Rodney E — Altoona

Segovia, James — Des Moines

Sengsirivanh, Anovsone M — Des Moines

Shean, Isaiah M — Des Moines

Shelton, Cory A & Stacie K — Des Moines

Sifrit, Daniell M — Des Moines

Simmons, Jamie M — Urbandale

Simmons, Lisa M — Johnston

Sivannarth, Sengphet — Des Moines

Skrdlant, Cecil I — Clive

Sliger, John W — Des Moines

Smajd, Paul R — Des Moines

Small, Eric R — Des Moines

Smith, Eugene W — Altoona

Smith, Howard C — Urbandale

Smith, Judy J — Des Moines

Smith, Virginia L — Des Moines

Smoots, Kathy M — West Des Moines

Soni, Govind R — West Des Moines

Sorensen, Donald A — Des Moines

Soth, J Michael — West Des Moines

Spurgin, Creedance — Des Moines

Stackhouse, Don E & Kathy L — Des Moines

Stanhope, John W — Johnston

Stanley, Christina M — Des Moines

Stein, Adam — Des Moines

Stewart, Brenda L & Charles J — Des Moines

Stir, May B — Des Moines

Stoddard, John J — Des Moines

Stone, Chad E — Des Moines

Stoos, Jason J & Melissa M — Ankeny

Suvic, Dzevad & Alma — West Des Moines

Swanson, Paul — Des Moines

Swartzbaugh, Craig A & Jodeene — Des Moines

Tarawally, Kefala — Des Moines

Tavathia, Surendra S & Kusum L — Ankeny

Teasley, Michael L — Des Moines

Telles Martinez, A & E Melendez Ni — Des Moines

Tello Guillen, Maria I — Des Moines

Tennant, Marjorie D — Des Moines

Thai, Phuong T — Des Moines

Thies, Kyle R — Des Moines

Thomas, Duran W — Des Moines

Thomas, Jamar — Des Moines

Thompson, Shelia A — Des Moines

Ticetaylor, Blake E — Clive

Titus, Deanne E — West Des Moines

Titus, Sean N — Des Moines

Torres, Rafael — Des Moines

Trejo-Breton, Luz Andrea — Des Moines

Turnadzic, Mevludin — Des Moines

Turner, Gregory L — Ankeny

Udrovich, Mary — West Des Moines

Vallejo, Robert J — Des Moines

Van Cleave, Ruth M — Des Moines

Van Lent, Alycia R — West Des Moines

Van Syoc, Daniel J — Des Moines

Vasquez, Luis A & Jenny V Romero — Des Moines

Velarde, Kenneth P — Des Moines

Veley, Christopher — Urbandale

Vuckic, Edin — Urbandale

Wachira, Peter N — West Des Moines

Wagner, Ivan J — Des Moines

Walker, Meghann C — Des Moines

Walkwitz, Edward R — Des Moines

Wallace, Johnnie W — Des Moines

Ward, Matthew D — West Des Moines

Warner, David H & Susan E — Des Moines

Weaver, James P — Des Moines

Wegman, Jessica L — Des Moines

Weise, Scott A — Altoona

Welch, Laura K — Urbandale

Welsch, Michael J — West Des Moines

Wessel, Danny W — Des Moines

Wessel, Jennifer M — Des Moines

Weyer, Melody L & Richard L — Des Moines

Weyhrich, Crystal L — Des Moines

White, Dustin — West Des Moines

Whitham, Flaurice L — Des Moines

Whitmore, Romie — Des Moines

Widman, Betty E — Des Moines

Wiggins, Marcell — Des Moines

Willems, Kimberly R — Urbandale

Willett, Dianna L — Des Moines

Williams, Terry L — Des Moines

Williams, Travis J — Des Moines

Willis, Leroy — Des Moines

Wilson, Rose M — Des Moines

Winters, Jacob E — Ankeny

Wolterman, Lora K — Des Moines

Wong, Joon C — Des Moines

Wood, Isaac L — Des Moines

Xaysana, Outhai — Des Moines

Yenzer, Christina A — Des Moines

Young, Delmar R & Rose J — Des Moines

Young, Donna J — Des Moines

Zacharia, Ndikumagenge — Des Moines


Aistrope, Alexander — Council Bluffs

Albrechtsen, Brenda L — Council Bluffs

Albright, Elda R — Council Bluffs

Allen, Zachary T — Crescent

Badillo, Eva — Council Bluffs

Baker, Jasmine M — Council Bluffs

Bardwell, Tammy — Council Bluffs

Beeler, Breezy A — Council Bluffs

Beirman, Stephen J — Council Bluffs

Belt, Floyd A — Council Bluffs

Bichiok, Buay L — Council Bluffs

Brooks, Jeremiah — Council Bluffs

Brutto, Carey L — Council Bluffs

Burke, William P — Crescent

Burton, Amanda R — Council Bluffs

Bywater, Phillip E — Council Bluffs

Chambers, Ward A & Suzanne — Treynor

Christenson, Gayle L — Council Bluffs

Coburn, Kevin P — Council Bluffs

Collins, Maria T — Council Bluffs

Comstock, Anthony J — Council Bluffs

Crider, Jenifer R — Council Bluffs

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