FOREST CITY — The amount of snowfall in Winnebago County varied from one part of the county to another Thursday.

“The southeast corner of the county has required the most attention,” said Winnebago Maintenance Superintendent Mark Johnson. “There is a lot less snow the further north and west you go.”

Rake, in the northwest part of the county, two inches of snow were reported. In Forest City, county crews estimated snowfall at eight inches.

The county has 16 plows out on 700 miles of roads. “If the visibility gets to be a problem we would have to pull them off, but right now we are out on everything,” Johnson said.

In the morning, drifting wasn’t a big problem.

“We are pretty lucky,” he said. “With it being the first event of the year, the ditches were empty before the storm.”

Forest City Street Superintendent Byron Ruiter said in Forest City drifting occurred three or four feet out into the street in a lot of areas.

“We’ve been putting down sand at intersections,” Ruiter said. “It was warm underneath; when we took the snow out it was instant ice.”

Forest City schools canceled, Waldorf College students are home on Christmas break and Winnebago Industries delayed its first shift by two hours, reducing the amount of traffic snow removal crews had to deal with. “It has been really quiet,” Ruiter said. “Without many people on the streets it makes our job a lot easier.”

Sam Jefson is a reporter for the Forest City Summit, another Lee Enterprises newspaper.

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