MASON CITY — North Iowa Area Community College faculty members Randy Bonde and Helen Karamitros and adjunct faculty member and counselor Kay Long received NIACC’s Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2012.

The honorees are selected by students and staff at the college. The awards were presented during last week’s NIACC board of directors meeting.

Bonde, an instructor in the manufacturing technology department, “takes success of his students to heart,” said one nomination.

Others said he was “excited to teach ... he’s encouraging ... the easy guy to get along with.”

Equal praise came to Karamitros, a sociology instructor who is also a leading advocate for “Be The Change,” a college initiative to reduce student binge drinking and use of marijuana.

One student said she “opened my eyes to a lot of things.”

“She taught me to research and commit to my beliefs ... and that one person can make a difference.”

Long, an adjunct teacher and counselor, counsels students with wisdom, students said.

“When I had to change my major, she guided me to the right path,” a student said. Another said Long had a “genuine interest” in students.

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Karamitros??? She has got to be the worst instructor NIACC has. Way too biased!!! Its her way or the highway. If you do not fall in line with her personal or political belifs you might as well drop her class. Not to mention, if you are at NIACC on an athletic scholarship, stay away from her classroom!!!


I had Karamitros while I was a student at NIACC and learned so much from her!! She has such a great perspective and really makes you think about things. Her passion radiates and those of us who have been in her classes reap the benefits of her dedication to higher learning. Congrats Ms K!

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