FOREST CITY - Scott Searcy become the interim vice president of academic affairs and dean of Waldorf College Monday.

Searcy, who served as the dean of assessment and accreditation at the college for six years, is replacing Bob Alsop, who began his official duties as Waldorf president-elect on Monday.

Searcy has more than 20 years of experience in academics at state schools and more than a decade of service to Waldorf.

In his new position, he will focus on academic planning, shaping the college through recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse and progressive faculty and academic staff. He will also work with the dean of students to manage student issues, and work on matters of budget development and priority setting with the vice president for business affairs and the president.

"In some ways, it is not a big transition as I have been continuously involved the Academic Affairs office since 2002 when I became division chair of the Natural Sciences," Searcy said.

One of Searcy's top priorities is to work with the Dr. Alsop and the director of admission to develop retention initiatives that would increase the gender equity of the freshman class on campus.

"We did not get our share of female students in the last freshman class," he said. "We are doing better this year but there is room for improvement."

Searcy said he wants to work toward a better integration between Waldorf's residential and online programs.

"Residential faculty will have the opportunity to evaluate academic projects from online students and this will lead to a better understanding of the online students and their educational pursuits," he said.

Searcy also plans to encourage faculty to consider teaching in the online programs.

Searcy's long-term goals include working toward reaffirmation of the accreditation of Waldorf College and developing quality projects that will be institutionally driven and support the academic quality of the college. One such project will be a faculty-led revision of the core curriculum requirements of the residential college.

Though he will not be teaching any classes this semester, Searcy will still be the chair of the mathematics department.


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