MASON CITY | The fire at Plymouth Apartments on Thursday is still under investigation, officials say, but the most probable cause of the fire was electrical.

“A ventilation fan in the bathroom of the southwest apartment on the third floor either overheated or the electrical wiring arced that supplied the ventilation fan,” Fire Marshal Jamey Medlin said in a release.

When fire crews arrived on scene about 4 p.m., heavy smoke was visible from the roof with fire on the south side of the roof.

“An interior attack was made to the third floor apartments, with little smoke and no fire showing on third floor,” Medlin said.

Fire crews accessed the attic area and found heavy fire and smoke. Crews attempted to extinguish the fire from inside of the building for approximately five minutes at 150 to 200 gallons of water per minute, Medlin said.

“While the interior crew was performing their operation in the attic, a search and rescue crew searched all the apartments and all the residents were accounted for and safe,” Medlin said. 

The building has 12 apartment units. The crews changed to an exterior attack using the ladder truck.

The flames were no longer exiting the roof by 4:30 p.m.

The Mason City Fire Department and property managers are working with tenants to assist them in entering the building to retrieve any personal belongings that can be saved.  

There were no injuries. The building is owned by Westview Apartments of Mason City.


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