FOREST CITY — The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors voted 2-1 last week not to increase supervisors’ pay and to give 3 percent raises to all other elected officials.

Board Chairman Mike Stensrud and Supervisor Willie Wubben voted for the raises while Supervisor Terry Durby voted no because he reportedly thought the raises should be higher.

The county’s Compensation Board recommended 5 percent raises for all elected officials except for supervisors.

“We all had different opinions on (raises),” Stensrud said. “It ran from 0 percent to 5 percent.”

Stensrud said he reviewed the salaries of elected officials in 13 counties near Winnebago County.

The salaries for elected officials in Winnebago County were close, or at, the salary level for the majority of those 13 counties, he said.

“I can justify a 3 percent raise,” Stensrud said.

The salaries for the fiscal year 2013-2014 will be:

• Supervisors chairman, $27,412, no increase.

• Supervisors, $26,845, no increase.

• County Attorney Adam Sauer, $75,675 to $77,945.25.

• Sheriff Dave Peterson, $59,126.72 to $60,900.52.

• Auditor Karla Niederkoffler, $48,918.36 to $50,385.91.

• Treasurer Julie Swenson, $48,761.52 to $50,224.37.

• Recorder Kris Colby, $48,761.52 to $50,224.37.

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JB Johnson of Britt
JB Johnson of Britt

to keep using the same small base to justify increase is not really fair. Next year the others will use Winnebago as a stepping stone and the circle will spin up. This is how CA county and city budgets got out of control, a little at a time. Why do you think you had 14 apply for Hancock Cty atty position? Public sector is getting ahead private

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