DES MOINES — Several North Iowa redemption centers have received grant money from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The Redemption Center Grants Program was enacted   in 2008, allocating $1 million to create a grants program for improvements to independent redemption centers. The statute directed the DNR to administer the program.

Applications were due in early October and addressed the goals of sustainability, convenience and accessibility, with no redemption center to receive more than $15,000 in funding.

Grants went to:

• M&S/Britt Redemption Center, Britt, received $13,410.56 to fix its leaking roof, tear out and replace a sidewalk, replace a 10 by 10 foot garage door, four new tires for a truck, wood stove, water, shop vac, florescent lights and pressure washer.

• All Iowa Redemption Center, Manly, received $11,024 to make it handicap accessible, repair roof, new siding, commercial sinks, customer service counter, cash register, sitting area with new chairs, lighted sign and to hire a part-time high school student for 20 hours a week.

• B.B. & R.P. Enterprises Inc./Belmond Redemption Center, Belmond, received $805.60 for two new counting/sorting tables and a new sign.

• Kwik Serve, Osage, received $10,853.64 to remove and replace old flooring, remove portable carport and replace with new permanent structure.

• North Iowa Redemption Center, Mason City, received $7,810.72 for a computer, counting tables, can bins, cash register, hours of operation sign, first aid station, video surveillance system, uniforms, vinyl gloves, whiteboard and dry eraser markers, flatbed trailer, used chairs for waiting area, computer desk and neon open sign.

• River City Redemption Center, Mason City, received $12,211.20 to acquire a larger building, cardboard bailer or a Can Do or One Stop machine, bags and thermal paper for machines.

• Sheffield Redemption and More, Sheffield, received $12,557.76 for insulation and a gas furnace.

• J&W Redemption LC, Forest City, received $8,439.34 for a corn burning stove and ash vacuum installation, garbage dumpster and pickup truck.

• Rudd Redemption Center, Rudd, received $13,485 to replace cracked front windows, lower ceiling, insulate and repair the floor.

• Buy Low North, Charles City, received $13,485 to get a CanDo Reverse Vending Machine.

• RJ Redemption LLC/Denny’s Redemption Center, Charles City, received $13,485 for a Reverse Vending Machine — the CanDo bulk feed model.

• Steve’s Cash for Cans, Iowa Falls, received $13,485 to insulate overhead door with opener, have concrete installed at entrance and up to entrance, add onto the building, buy a scale, forklift, glass crusher, can crusher and can counter.

• S&S Redemption Center, Lake Mills, received $12,720 for a roof, siding, two doors and a new machine.

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