MASON CITY — Mediacom Communications announced Tuesday the availability of Ultra 50 broadband service to homes and businesses throughout North Iowa.

Doug Frank, Mediacom regional vice president, said the new service will be available to customers in of Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Mitchell, Winnebago and Worth counties.

Mediacom Ultra 50 is a broadband Internet service that delivers download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps, said Frank.

A high-definition (HD) movie (6 gigabytes) can be downloaded in 16 minutes using Mediacom Ultra 50, as compared to the 4.4 hours it would take to download the same movie using a common 3 Mbps DSL service, he said.

"From the largest cities to the smallest towns, Americans are consuming more bandwidth and demanding a faster Internet," Frank said. "With recent launches, Mediacom Ultra 50 is widely available to ensure that customers in all of our service areas can always connect to the fastest Internet speeds. That is as true for smaller towns like Britt and Leland, as it is for larger communities like Mason City and every size in between," he said.

Frank said the latest network upgrades make the company's fastest high-speed Internet service available in 300 Iowa communities where Mediacom delivers broadband and digital cable service.

Each Mediacom Ultra 50 customer will be equipped with a new, more powerful modem configured for the higher Internet speeds.



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Of course it will be up to 50Mbs so expect around 2.5 Mbs at peak times with no reduction in the cost. I'm still waiting for my email/solution.

My Voice

Mediacom sucks eggs. I was with them for well over 10 years. New customers always got better pricing. I just switched to Direct TV bundled with Centurylink. BEST thing I could have done, only wish i had done it sooner. WAY better programming and did i mention that it is CHEAPER? Plus, ALL my tv's get digital channels without having to pay $10 per box extra. My X-Box Live doesn't lag AT ALL. Even 2 years out, my billing will be $80 a month cheaper with more channels. NO BRAINER! BYE BYE Mediacom


Maybe fast but probably wont work very often. Mediacom is terrible, always down and not reliable at all. Mediacom SUCKS


They can say all they want to about what it could be, we all know what it will be. Half the time it won't work at all or at minimum speeds with no fee reductions. Read the fine print and bring on COMM1.


There's only ONE thing I want from Mediacom: STOP SCAMMING/RIPPING US OFF!! Lower your stinking prices for your lousy, arrogant service...and "bundle" THIS...where is the REAL competition? Direct TV does the SAME thing, only they want your credit card so that they can be SURE to rip you off when you discover that they're pulling the same thing as Mediacom.


Seriously, does the Globe not know how to spell check? Especially in their headlines??

senior native

When I was ten years old my parents bought us a TV. We could turn it on for "nothing". Now, because I live in an apt. I do not have a choice -- I have to have Mediacom or I cannot even get channel 3, let alone Channel 10 and Channel 6. Mediacom is ripping everyone off because they have no competition. They are a monopoly. I pay $111 ea. month for just slow internet and expanded basic. What can we do?


I wish we could get internet without having to pay for cable TV. I could do without the TV. Who'd need it with internet. Way more entertaining.


My Voice, what speeds are you getting from Century Link and what area do you live if you dont mind me asking?

My Voice

rctrbld, i live in Rolling Acres addition. I am paying for 3-7 Mbps service and i am pretty consistant at 3 Mbps. That's about the fastest it's been. i was @ 15 Mbps with M.C. (I LOVED their internet service) but the cable side of things forced me to go this direction. I don't notice the slower speed for what i need, it's NO difference, noticeably. I couldn't be more pleased. ESPECIALLY with the Direct TV. I LOVE it and wish i'd done this sooner. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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