Manly City Council upholds pit bull ban

2013-01-02T22:09:00Z 2013-01-03T01:39:08Z Manly City Council upholds pit bull banBy MARY PIEPER Mason City Globe Gazette
January 02, 2013 10:09 pm  • 

MANLY — The Manly City Council Wednesday voted to uphold its ban on pit bulls.

Pit bull owners who were sent letters about the ban now have until Monday to remove their dogs from the city.

A number of citizens came to the meeting to speak on the issue, both for and against the ban.

Yvonne Meyer said she didn’t know the town had a pit bull ban when she moved to Manly with her 7-year-old pit bull a year and a half ago.

“Pit bulls can be nice dogs,” she said.

Collier Marinos said  banning a particular breed is like not allowing Mexicans in town because of drug dealers in Mexico.

He said a puppy, like a human baby, “knows nothing of the violence of the world.”

He said owners are responsible for how their dogs are raised.

Marinos said the ban tells him that city officials “don’t trust our residents.”

He said Manly already has a vicious animal ordinance and a leash law, and that should be enough. 

However, Rick Aguilera noted the vicious animal ordinance doesn’t go into effect until someone is attacked.

“Are we going to wait until someone is torn up?” he asked.

Aguilera, who used to be a mail carrier, said he had to use pepper spray to defend himself from pit bulls on his route.  

The ban on pit bulls was passed in 2008 after an incident in which a pit bull terrier threatened two children by backing them against a fence.

“The council didn’t just pull it (the ban) out of the air,” said council member Scott Heagel, noting Manly residents requested it.

However, the ordinance was not enforced, according to Mayor Kevin Isaacson.

The council revisited the ordinance in April and decided against rescinding it.

 The issue came up again in November, when letters were sent to pit bull owners telling them they had 10 days to remove them from the city limits.

After the pit bull owners came to a city council meeting that month to protest, the council decided to table the discussion. The topic was back on the agenda Wednesday.

Heagel said he talked to 20 people in town who said the council should enforce the ordinance. Two others he spoke to didn’t care either way.

Heagel said an 88-year-old man in Ventura recently spent a week in the hospital in Rochester, Minn., after his daughter’s pit bull attacked him.

“That dog shredded him,” he said.

 The vote to uphold the ban was 3-0, with Heagel, Buck Leake and Joe Ryan voting in favor of the ban. Council members Lon Badker and Ron Post were absent.

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(13) Comments

  1. pd6
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    pd6 - February 18, 2014 3:15 pm
    dont move to elma iowa. they have a pit bull and a rottweiler ban and they dont tell you til you spend a ton moving here and getting settled for 8 freaking months then tell you to get rid of your dogs or else. they are doing this to me and my daughter who moved here 4 months ago and signed a years lease. they just THINK they have us over a barrell. they let me live here 8 months before deciding to tell me...they can jump up my @**.
  2. GrandmaS4502
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    GrandmaS4502 - January 05, 2013 4:01 pm
    I am saddened that the council is so ignorant. Pitty's can be a wonderful addition to a family. They were originally called nanny dogs because they were so good with children. I am planning on moving to the country in the next few months and have been planning on adopting a dog for the farm. If anybody has a dog they need an owner for I would love to adopt. I will be living 10 from Manly and you can visit any time. Has to be friendly with other dogs and kids. mydogshebbers (at)
  3. Steph
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    Steph - January 04, 2013 10:41 am
    Furthermore if the IDIOTS on the Manly City council would take the time to pull their heads out of their BUTTS and do research on the breed they would discover that Pit Bulls by nature are a calm and loving breed and they would also discover that you can RAISE and TRAIN ANY breed of dog to be a MEAN and VICIOUS dog. ITS A PROVEN FACT THAT IN WASHINGTON STATE THE LOCAL COPS USE PIT BULLS AS THERE DRUG DOGS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BETTER SENSE OF SMELL THAN ANY OTHER BREED OF DOG SO WHAT DOES THAT SAY
  4. Steph
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    Steph - January 04, 2013 10:37 am
    The reason why the STUPID MANLY City Council has enforced a PIT BULL ban is because They are IGNORANT IDIOTS who listen to a town full of STEREO TYPING Dumbasses who dont know what the HEK they are talking about. And instead of banning the pit bulls they should take all the IDIOT MALES who raise and train pit bulls to fight and HANG them from their NUTSfrom the highest tree they can find and then treat them the way they mistreat the dogs
  5. caithes
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    caithes - January 03, 2013 7:41 pm
    I wonder how the Manly council plans to enforce this ban. How do they determine if a dog has any pit bull blood in them? Some might not realize that the ban actually says any dog with any amount of any kind of pit bull (there's several) blood is banned in Manly. Is it by how the dog looks? There are dozens of terrier breeds, and mutts, that look similar to a pit bull. Who makes that distinction? Cops? Mayor? Who?
  6. I Save Dogs
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    I Save Dogs - January 03, 2013 4:53 pm
    @LASHELL....great info and post. Thankfully the Mason City Humane society is wonderful and also a no kill shelter. Too bad Manly council didn't go to them for information and actually do research. Our pit bull is our pride and joy AND the first pit we've ever owned. There are TONS of towns big/little, suburbs, and cities who have changed their labeling of vicious dog laws to include ALL breeds.
  7. Sheryl
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    Sheryl - January 03, 2013 4:47 pm
    Seriously.Scott Heagel? This is why uninformed & uneducated people shouldn't be speaking on this. Scott Heagel's sister has or had a Pitbull before, is he afraid of his sisters dog? This is discrimination & the residents should not have to overturn their dogs to anyone. If they had a ban, it's the city's responsibility to inform the residents, they did not, so that's their fault & these dogs should be allowed to stay. I have 3 Pitbulls & all are adopted, it's how they are treated not breed,
  8. I Save Dogs
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    I Save Dogs - January 03, 2013 4:45 pm
    @maverickromine....I pray that you will be able to keep Maverick. Please reach out to the organization ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION, they have a lot of resources to deal with this situation.
  9. LaShell
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    LaShell - January 03, 2013 4:43 pm
    Little more to add. I too, worked for the Post Office for 30 years, and all of our safety talks were always the same. Any dog can bite, if given the right circumstances. Majority of the pit bull bites are non neutered males, chained in a yard. RESPONSIBLE owners take great care of their dogs. It's part of their family. We have some mean little dogs in our town, and I personally saw a small dog charge a toddler and she would have been bitten in the face, if quick action had not been taken.
  10. LaShell
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    LaShell - January 03, 2013 4:36 pm
    I am the proud owner of a 70 pound pit bull, "Miss Mae" I adopted from the Mason City Humane Society. Breed profiling is no different than racial profiling. My town, also had a pit ordinance, and I made my pitch to enact and enforce the vicious dog ordinance. They repealed the pit portion of it, as many cities are now doing. Do your research, city council members, as I too was frightened by the media hype. Volunteer @ the Humane Society.
  11. DistantWatcher
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    DistantWatcher - January 03, 2013 1:59 pm
    Any dog could 'shred' a human, it doesn't have to be a Pit Bull, or a Bully breed at all. My neighbor's Labrador is far more dangerous than my Greyhound/Pit mix, but if I were under the jurisdiction of the knuckledraggers on this city council, they would take MY dog.

    When will you realize that banning a breed is dog racism? Predetermined expectations of behavior based upon appearances. Sickening

    Dogs are not bred to fight, they are taught to. They will only do what they are told to do.
  12. maverickromine
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    maverickromine - January 03, 2013 10:03 am
    maverick was a great dog. the city council was so concerned about the safety they had there own facts on the story insisting that they are breed to "fight" and will just keep attacking and never quit. now my family is forced to find another home for isn't just a dog but is part of the family. i just wish we can find a family that will take as good care of him as mine.
  13. I Save Dogs
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    I Save Dogs - January 03, 2013 6:50 am
    Wow, Seriously? Its not the breed, its the owner. When are people going to realize this. Pit Bulls are one of the best breeds out there, loyal, smart, fun, loving. Why doesn't the Manly City Council go to reputable organizations to get their info? Try Animal Farm Foundation, Pit Bull Station, Pit Bull Rescue Central. ANY dog can be vicious if raised that way. ANY dog can attack and "shred" as they so call put it. Thank God I don't live in Manly with their narrowminded council.
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