CLEAR LAKE — Chad Johnson, 26, of Clear Lake, was arrested Monday as Clear Lake police officers and Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant at 603 12th Ave. North, Apt. 8.

Johnson lives at the apartment with his girlfriend, who is the registered tenant, according to Clear Lake Police.

Police Chief Greg Peterson said the merchandise may have come from burglaries committed in rural Cerro Gordo County.

Police found a 55-inch Hitachi television allegedly taken in October from the Chris Floy residence near Thornton.

Other items thought to have been taken in burglaries include chairs, computers, stereo equipment, lamps, a brass bed, and jewelry. Police also gained information which led to the search of a neighboring apartment at 1221 N. 7th St. Other items thought to be stolen were retrieved during that search.

Persons who have been burglarized in the last few months and are missing items like those described can call the Clear Lake Police Department at 641-357-2186.

Police expect to make additional arrests as they widen their investigation.

Items allegedly taken in recent Cerro Gordo County burglaries:

 — Red velvet massage chair.

— Gray computer chairs on wheels. Both chairs have stationary arm rests.

— Stereo cabinet with Mitsubishi stereo sound system.

— Turn-table for playing records.

— Turner radio, model DAF-160; serial no. 21936.

 — Stereo Graphic equalizer, model no. DA-G160; serial no. DAHUS16606.

— Stereo amplifier, model no. DAU160; serial no. US13495.

— Dual cassette deck tapes; model no. DT-160; serial no. DAHUS15490.

— Compact CD disc player, model no. DP-112; serial no. US13609.

— Brass headboard and footboard to bed.

— Home stereo speakers (floor speakers); Mitsubishi Model no. SS5000.

— Brass floor lamp w/brushed finish.    

— Black footstool-style leg & foot massager.

— Green leather bag w/zipper close.

— Lint rollers.

— New pack, USB computer cord & instruction disc.

— Open box, KY Jelly personal lubricant.

— Swiffer Duster’s box w/ 1 Swiffer Duster & Mitsubishi remote/home stereo system.

— New package knife-sharpener by Normark.

— White Panasonic Panabrator electric massager.

— Marine sport horn, new in package.

— IPOD charger & transmitter made by Griffin.

— Alpine car-charger.

— IPOD Dock Station made by Phillips.

— KY warming gel.

— Operating instructions for IPOD charger # 8.

— Clear plastic plunger.

— White drop cord w/switch, light duty.

— Adapter cords for video to TV, new in package.

— 6-foot video cord VCR to TV.

— Orange drop cord.

— Orange trouble light.

— Outlet strip w/surge protector.

— Head to razor blade & hand-shaver w/vibrator.

— Computer cord.

— Small square yellow pad.

— Brown plastic cover.

— Gray leather bag w/name FLOY written on inside contents.  

— Sterile sponges, Kendall Brand (first aid).

— Double-bundle w/sterile sheets & two Kendall brand absorbent pads.

— 2 Boxes of Band-Aids.

— 1 bottle iodine.

— 2 personal shavers.

— 1 bottle, rubbing alcohol.

— 4 Triaminic Thin Strips for cough.

— First Aid Liquid Bandage.

— Ipecac syrup.

— Gum cleaner.

— 1 small White Fuller Brush (fingernails)  

— 2 toothbrushes.

— 1 can Solarcain.

— Nair for Men.

— 1 small bottle Dr. Scholls corn remover.

— 1 Click stick.

— Ponds hand lotion.

— Avon Skin So Soft (bottle)    

— 1 partial bottle Vicks Nyquil.

— Johnson Baby Oil bottles.

— Open bottle, Rolaids.

— Open bottle, Excedrin.

— Tube of muscle rub cream.

— Open bag of cotton balls.

— Rubber pad for record player.

— Plastic CD cases, new in package.

— Partial container w/CD-Rs.

— Wood grain plastic cover, unknown use.

— 10 Pair of Black RCA speakers, Model # 5535C.

— iblaster Silhouette Digital Music System, white/in box.

— Piano tackle box guide series.

— Pro massage portable massage unit, gray base w/handles.

— White electric lamp w/flower prints (Aladdin lamp).

— Electric desk lamp.

— Stainless steel trash can.

— Black RCA TV, serial no. 244591236.

— RCA Stereo small home stereo serial no. 272457.

— 3-component disc player.

— iblaster Digital Sound System for IPOD (white).

— Pair of binoculars, Sears brand.

— Black nylon bag with contents.

— Bottom Line Fish Finder Tournament 310XT, serial no. NO3190854.

— 3 Flash lights.

— 2 Plug strips.

— 3 Electric cords.

— 1 Memory neck cord for computer memory stick.

— Genesis Heater 5000, model no. 5000K.

— Toiletry items: toothbrushes, floss, Band Aids, Motrin, thermometers, etc.

— 55-inch Hitachi TV.

— Files and paper work for electronic items: Hitachi TV, Samsung TV, etc.

— Energy subwoofer.

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