HAMPTON — If you like sundaes, you will want to stop at the 4-H Food Stand for today's special — and you won’t have to worry about the heat because this sundae won’t melt.

The special is a hot beef sundae, complete with shredded beef, mashed potatoes, gravy topping and shredded cheese, all topped with a cherry tomato.

“I thought we would try it,” said Barb Ristau, manager of the food stand. She is also the Franklin County Extension Families program assistant.

“The Iowa Cattlemen developed the hot beef sundae and had it at the Iowa State Fair,” Ristau said. “They planned on serving 5,000 the first year and wound up selling 30,000.”

Ristau said if the sundae goes well, they will add it to the menu next year.

Ristau has been the manager since 1991.

“I think our most popular item is the taco salad,” she said.

The food stand also offers homemade pie. The menu board lists peach, raspberry, cherry, rhubarb, raisin, blueberry and apple. Ristau said 4-H members provide 40 or more homemade pies each day of the fair.

Up to 300 kids who belong to 4-H work at the stand.

“We go through about 230 pies, 700 pounds of ground beef and eight cases of brats,” Ristau said. “The Pork Producers grill porkburgers when the swine show is going on and the Beef Producers grill hamburgers the day of the beef show and they are sold through the stand. That really helps us out.”

The stand was built in 1991 and has been upgraded with heat and air conditioning added in 2011.

“The profits support the 4-H program in our county,” said Ristau. “It pays for scholarships, supplies, camps, state fees and upkeep on the building.”

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