The Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre Co. brought “Peter and the Wolf” to life during three performances at the MacNider Museum on Thursday.

Eulenspiegel puppets use beautifully crafted large tabletop puppets and rod puppets to tell this classic tale of a young boy, his grandfather, his pets and the creatures that live in the meadow and the forest.

The West Liberty-based company includes head puppeteer Monica Leo and puppeteers Justin Cornett-Olsson and Angela Polowy.

It performs puppet shows at the MacNider twice a year.

“That’s really cool to see what people have made and it’s cool to see it brought to life in a puppet performance,” said MacNider associate curator Mara Linskey-Deegan.

“Peter and the Wolf” was created by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in 1936.

The MacNider show was sponsored by the Bertha Stebens Charitable Foundation.