Since The Music Man Square is closed on Mondays, the board of directors traditionally calls this day “Decorate the Square” when volunteers can help with the heavy lifting.

“This is such a fun day when the board and volunteers gather together,” said David Vikturek of the Mason City Foundation. “There’s a wonderful sense of community in our organization and we know that this benefits the whole North Iowa community as well.”

Barbara Hovland, The Music Man Square Christmas chairwoman, had her hands full as she directed more than 15 volunteers.

“Christmas is my favorite event,” Hovland said.

She started last week and has been at the square every day decorating the Christmas trees. After the square is decorated, Hovland will focus on the Santa’s Workshop portion.

The volunteers worked for four hours Monday hanging garland and placing the trees on the streetscape. Hovland will work every day, putting on the finishing touches before the premiere.

Vikturek said he is excited for the new attractions this year.

“We have more volunteers each year because we always are adding more decorations and animations,” Vikturek said.

The 1912 Streetscape is decorated to incorporate elements of Christmas past and present.

“It’s so heartwarming seeing families with multiple generations, grandparents, great-grandparents and the little ones,” Vikturek said. “The older folks share such warm memories they have when they reminisce about their childhood here.”

New to this year’s décor, some of the Christmas trees along the street are sponsored and decorated by local businesses such as Cabin Coffee and American Reality.

“You’re going to see new trees, you’re not going to see the same trees just because there’s new decorations every year,” Hovland said.


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