Realty transfers published Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013.

2013-02-07T00:00:00Z Realty transfers published Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013. Mason City Globe Gazette
February 07, 2013 12:00 am

Cerro Gordo County

 Kathy S. Arnold and Dale W. Arnold, to Jeffrey L. Paullus and Stephanie D. Duesenberg, Stone Pillar 2nd Sub., Lot 6, Mason City, $269,000.

 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Chicago Title Insurance Company Attorney In Fact, to Gerald Nelson and Cynthia Nelson, Willowbrook Add., Blk 14, Lot 16, Mason City, $34,000.

 Patricia A. Suntken, Attorney In Fact and Phyllis I. Stadtlander, to Michael D. McNutt and Ramona M. McNutt, Kausville (Original Town), Blk 1 Lot 7, Blk 1 Lot 8, Blk 1 Lot 9, Meservey, E 70’ Of Lots 7, 8 And 9, $38,000.

 Jean C. Stenberg, Harlan A. Stenberg, Jean C. Stenberg, Attorney In Fact, to Johnathan W. Hassebroek and Stephanie M. Hassebroek, Shorewood Hills Add, Blk 4 Lot 11, Clear Lake, $136,500.

 Mark E. Hillebrand and Carol J. Hillebrand to Daniel A. Nichols, Country Club Heights Add, Blk 2 Lot 15, Blk 2 Lot 16, Clear Lake, Exc W 30’ Of Lot 16, $239,000.

 Robert S. Engebretson Sr. Executor, Edna Engebretson Estate, to Robert S. Engebretson Sr., and Sarah D. Engebretson, Railroad Add, Clear Lake, Blk 8 Lot 7, Clear Lake, $55,000.

 David W. Underwood and Margo L. Underwood, to Marvyn L. Wulff, Dawn M. Marsh Wulff, Dawn M. Wulff Marsh, Asbury Farm, Blk 4 Lot 2, Mason City, $140,000.

Nick J. Zahariades and Rita E. Zahariades, to Keith Riser, South Mason City (Original Town), Blk P Lot 2, Mason City, S 66’ Exc W 6’, $9,500.

 Randy J. Cink and Diana J. Cink, to Dennis Firsching, 18-96-20 Auditor’s Plat of E 1/2 NE 1/4 And Lot 14 E 1/2 SE 1/4, Blk 22 Lot 11, Blk 22 Lot 12, $48,500.

 Cameo Sproessig Executor, Richard A. Thorsen Estate, to Tamara Ann Randall, Young’s Sub of Lots 3, 6, 9 And 10 And Part Of Lots 1 And 2 in 11-96-20, Blk 4 Lot 5, $46,500.

 James L. Bond and Barbara A. Bond, to Madison Layne Brown, Oakland Place, Blk 1 Lot 6, Mason City, $4,500.

John E. Overgaard Trustee and Virginia L. Overgaard Revocable Trust, to Alan C. Heimdal and Rochell A. Heimdal, Neuberger’s Park Side Add, Lot 3, Ventura, Exc E 160’, $217,500.

Matthew J. Pollastrini and Mike L. Llewellyn, to Todd Thomas and Candice Thomas, Harbourage Condominium, Bldg N Unit 25A, Clear Lake, Fulfillment Of Contract B11 P4603, $137,000.

Ralph J. Lytle and Marlene G. Lytle, to Donald W. Daniels and Lisa R. Daniels, 11-96-22, SE SE Part Of, $350,000.

 Darrell L. Schaeffer and Sonia S. Schaeffer, to Tara K. Studer, Felt’s, Paul Plat of Mason City, Blk 12 Lot 3, Mason City, W 1/2 Of Lot, $130,000.

 Thomas J. Treloar and Charlotte J. Treloar, to Timothy J. Treloar and Tony F. Treloar, 02-96-22 SW SW; 03-96-22 NE SE, SE SE, NW SE; 10-96-22 NE NE, $1,000,000.

 BD Development Company LC to Karen K. Paulsen, Cottonwood Village Third Sub, Lot 2, Mason City, Exc Parcel “B” As Described And Depicted In Survey B12 P6439, $150,000.

 Keith T. Espe, Michele S. Espe, Michele S. Lee, to Nickolas J. Humpal, Bel Air 1st Add, Blk 7 Lot 5, Mason City, $170,000.

 Jon R. Peterson and Joanne V. Peterson, to Christine J. Peterson, Tate’s, Bill, 1st Add, Blk 3 Lot 1, Mason City, $116,920.

 Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006 2, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Attorney In Fact, to Steven B. Eenhuis, Francisco’s, H.E., 2nd Add.,  Blk 16 Lot 7, Blk 16 Lot 8, Mason City, W 1/2, $22,599.

 Catherine A. Harris and Douglas M. Harris, to Brandon J. Mondt and Christine D. Mondt, The Highlands, Blk 12 Lot 1, Mason City, $129,000.

 Elaine D. Corwin Trustee, Elaine D. Corwin Revocable Trust, to Thomas J. Floy, Kenneth E. Nelson and Denise L. Nelson, 11-94-22, NE NE, SE NE, Undivided 3/4 interest (Thomas Floy), Undivided 1/4 interest (Kenneth Nelson and Denise Nelson), $822,000.

 Richard E. Berghefer Executor, Earl R. Berghefer Estate, to Dale W. Schwade and Jeanine E. Schwade, 13-96-21, SE SW, SW SW, NE SW, NW SW, Except W 727’ Of N 700’ Of NW SW And Except Part Of NE SW As Described And Depicted in Survey B87 P1381; 24-96-21, NE NW; Wood Sub, Lot 3, $1,800,000.

 Lorenz Ewald Daleske, and Donna Daleske, to Patrick H. Dunlap and Julie D. Lindsay, Park Ridge Add, Blks 3 Through 6, Blk 3 Lot 11, Mason City, $173,000.

 John C. Busch and Wanda K. Busch, to Hilgendorf Builders Inc., Pine Hill Acres 3rd Add., Blk 2 Lot 2, Mason City, $36,000.

 Vance M. Hansen Administrator and Kevin C. Hansen Estate to Shane C. Monson, Beaver Add, Blk 2 Lot 8, Clear Lake, $35,000.

 Andrew B. Kumpf and Tracey L. Kumpf to ITC Midwest LLC, 26-96-21, SE SW, Except E 49.5’ Of S 661.0’ (Containing 39.16 Acres), $785,000.

 Cory R. Smith to CAM Property Holdings LLC, East Park Place Add, Blk 13 Lot 5, Mason City, And N 1/2 Of E/W Vacated Alley Abutting S Line Of Lot 5, $12,000.

 Barclay Realty Management LLC to Timothy A. Latham, Kristine K. Latham and Joseph H. Paulsen, Railroad Add Mason City, Blk 35 Lot 19, Blk 35 Lot 20, Mason City, Undivided 1/2 (Latham), Undivided 1/2 (Paulsen), $73,000.

 Green Group LLC, to Donna Mae Nedved, Lincoln Village, Bldg Unit 805-B, Clear Lake, $170,000.

 Mary J. Nalan and Martin F. Mullin, to Phillip E. Dougherty and Alice M. Dougherty, 25-94-19 Auditor’s Plat of E 1/2 SE 1/4 SW 1/4, Lot 6; 25-94-19, NE SW, NW SW, Except Part Lying SWLY Of A Line Parallel With And 200’ Distant NELY Of Railroad, $925,000.

Merlin R. Peter and Darlene S. Peter, to Timothy L. Mulholland and Tonya L. Gray, 16-97-19 Replat of N1/2 SE1/4, Lot A, $177,375.

 Dale E. Kjellsen to Daniel J. Wood and Wendy S. Wood, 18-95-22, NW SE, NE SE, SE SE, $1,265,000.

Hagen Investments LC, to Mark W. Fisher, 36-94-22, SW NW, NW NW, W 40 Acres, $153,000.

 Kathryn Douglas, to Seth J. Schultz Sr., and Kate Jo Schultz, Bel Air 1st Add, Blk 7 Lot 16, Blk 7 Lot 17, Mason City, Portion Of Lot 17, $158,000.

 David Newton Parks Executor, Victor Parks Estate, to CCBS LLC, 26-95-20, NE SE, NW SE, SE SE, SW SE, Except Parcel “A” As Described And Depicted In Survey B12 P6699, $1,991,750.

 Lyle H. Hillmer to Candice S. Korth, Bernstein’s Add, Lot 23, Lot 24, Mason City, Exc W 30’ Of Lot 24, $102,500.

 Steven Peter Thompson Executor, Ernest Theodore Thompson Estate, to Michael V. Losee, Oleson’s Add, Blk 2 Lot 1, Mason City, $50,000.

 Andrew J. Kern and Aimee N. Kern to John J. Alexander and Deborah K. Wipf, 18-96-21 Sub. Of N 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4, Lot 2, S 62’ Of A Tract In Part Of, $119,000.

 Deborah M. Bentley, Deborah M. Halfpap, Deborah Halfpap, and Brian L. Bentley, to Jaquelyn H. Saewert, Oak Park Add, Blk B Lot 3, Mason City, Exc W 50’, $81,500.

 Rockford C. Anderson and Megan Marie Anderson, to Donald B. Baldridge, Donald Bret Baldridge and Michile L. Baldridge, Stone Pillar 12th Sub, Lot 5, Mason City, $275,000.

 Meredith A. Perkins Trustee, John H. Perkins Trust, to Lake House LLC, Meredith A. Perkins, Jeffrey H. Perkins, Elizabeth M. Perkins Brown, Elizabeth M. Brown Perkins, Young’s, R.S., North Shore Sub of Lots 1 And 2 14-96-22, Lot 33, Clear Lake, Undivided 34 Percent Interest (Lake House LLC), Undivided 66 Percent Interest (Perkins And Perkins-Brown), $187,000.

 Katie J. Schultz, Seth J. Schultz Sr., and Katie J. Stephens, to Kurt L. Moeding and Marilee M. Moeding, The Highlands, Blk 7 Lot 8, Mason City, $67,000.

 JRM Investments LLC, to Virgil L. Kriens and Nicole L. Kriens, Railroad Add, Mason City, Blk 35 Lot 1, Blk 35 Lot 2, Blk 35 Lot 3, Mason City, N 64’ Of Lots 1, 2 And 3 Except W 3’ Of Lot 3, $35,000.

Rodney R. Walters, Kristina V. Bazali, Gary L. Walters, Patricia S. Walters, Kevin D. Walters, and Carol L. Walters, to Robert E. Walters Inc., Walters Robert E. Inc., 06-96-19, SW NE, Except Parcel B (3.93 Acres) Undivided 1/2 Interest, $108,000.

 Hagen Investments LC to Melissa I. Doane, 35-94-22, SW NE, SE NE, $564,000.

 James H. Thompson Trustee, James H. Thompson Trust, to Bernard J. Marzen and Margaret G. Marzen, Cottages At Pebble Creek, Bldg 9 Unit 88, Mason City, $248,000.

 Roanne A. Holzworth, to Marrianne W. Bosma and Mark G. Bosma, College Add, Blk 8 Lot 6, Mason City, $88,000.

 Marjorie H. Nuehring, Linda M. Jacobsen, Attorney In Fact, to Larry R. Nuehring, Carolyn E. Nuehring, Michelle L. Nuehring, Sara C. Nuehring, William J. Nuehring and Janelle K. Nuehring, 35-95-20, NW SE, SW SE, W 1/2, Undivided 1/4 interest (Larry and Carolyn Nuehring), Undivided 1/4 Interest (Michelle Nuehring), Undivided 1/4 interest (Sara Nuehring), Undivided 1/4 interest (William And Janelle Nuehring JT Tenancy), $430,000.

 Johnson LLC to Michele M. Alden, Allen’s Add, Blk 7 Lot 3, Blk 7 Lot 4, Clear Lake, S 1/2 Of Lots, $103,000.

 Nada J. Davison, Bruce W. Davison, Attorney In Fact, Bruce W. Davison and Sandra E. Davison, to David A. Kaiser, 26-97-19, NW SE, Parcel “A” Located In As Described And Depicted In Survey B12 P9278, $50,000.

 Karen K. Paulsen to Stuart A. Paulsen, 07-95-20, NE NE, NW NE, SW NE, SE NE, NE SW, Undivided 1/3 interest; 08-95-20 NW NW, Undivided 1/3 Interest, $608,000.

 Harold Alt Executor, Ruth L. Dupuis Estate, to Dick W. VanZomeren and Joan C. VanZomeren, Park Ridge 2nd Add., Lot 28, Mason City, $114,250.

 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kyle Watson and Amanda Watson, Oakwood Rancher’s 1st Add., Lot 5, Clear Lake, $87,900.

 Mark J. VonFeldt, to Lakescape LLC, Baker’s, John, Sub of Middle 1/3 Of Lot 1 21-96-22, Lot 9, Except S 20’, $525,000.

 Viola H. Sheehy Estate, Margaret A. Sawyer Executor, to Richard M. Sheehy, Brice And Ong Land Co.’s Street Railway Add, Blk 9 Lot 20, Mason City, $60,000.

 Larry D. Schaer Estate, David A. Smith Executor, to Benjamin A. Levinson, Francisco’s, H.E., 2nd Add, Blk 2 Lot 20, Mason City, $35,000.

 Thomas L. Payne and Melissa A. Payne to Thomas W. Mason and Ashley E. Pearce, Stone Pillar 4th Sub, Lot 5, Mason City, $184,000.

 Ashley E. Pearce to Jason M. Stangel, Meadowbrook 2nd Add, Blk 2 Lot 3, Mason City, $91,000.

 Alice Spilman, Alice E. Spilman to Dennis P. Spilman, 34-96-22, SW SE, Parcel “A-6” As Described In Survey Rec B12 P9336, $89,930.

 Richard E. Gildner and Jane E. Gildner, to Curt J. Nolte, Bel Air 5th Add, Blk 6 Lot 20, Mason City, $153,000.

 Albert R. Swale, Albert Roy Swale, Charles Hamilton, Attorney In Fact, to Faith Foundations LLC, South Haven Add, Blk 1 Lot 7, Clear Lake, $83,500.

 R. Evelyn Smith, to Dustin R. Buck and Laila A. Buck, 06-97-22, SW SW, NW SW, SE SW, W/2 SE SW; Exc Parcels “A” And “B” As Described In Survey Rec B00 P9178 Except Property For Road Purposes, $150,000.

 Cynthia L. Gabrielson and Mack E. Gabrielson, to Jay R. Lefevre and Elizabeth A. Lefevre, Thornton (Original Town), Blk 2 Lot 7 Thornton, E 22’ Fulfillment of Contract B11 P3468; Andersen And Christensen Add, Blk 4 Lot 1, Blk 4 Lot 2, Blk 4 Lot 3, Blk 4 Lot 4, Clear Lake, N26’ Of Lots 3 And 4, Fulfillment Of Contract  B11 P3468; 18-96-21 Auditor’s Plat Of NW 1/4 SW 1/4, Lot 3, Part Of Fulfillment Of Cont B11 P3468, $275,000.

 Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company to Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development, Virginia Place, Lot 8, Mason City, $69,802.71.

Marrianne W. Bosma, Marrianne Wise Bosma, Marrianne Bosma Wise, Marianne Wise, and Mark G. Bosma, to Benjamin V. Stark and Jennifer A. Stark, 32-96-19, NE SE, Part Of, $120,500.

Nicole K. Smith, Corey M. Smith and Nicole K. Huber, to Kevin A. Stoa, Northland 1st Add, Lot 6, Clear Lake, $135,500.

 Edward D. Simon and Brenda S. Simon, to Paul M. Kapalata and Laci Kapalata, Parker, Horace G. And James Foster’s Add, Blk 3 Lot 12, Mason City, Except N 10’, $112,500.

Dorothy M. Riekens, to Lori K. Alitz, Mark C. Alitz, Jean F. Schultz and Royce R. Schultz, East Village Townhouses, Bldg Unit 11, Mason City, Undivided 1/2 Interest (Alitz), Undivided 1/2 Interest (Schultz), $130,000

 William L. Maring and Sharon A. Maring to Marietta D. Olsen and Robert F. Olsen, Woodland Terrace Add, Lot 9, Clear Lake, $161,000.

 Bonnie L. Fryar and Dennis M. Fryar, to Joseph V. Graham, Joe V. Graham and Virginia L. Graham, South Mason City (Original Town), Blk 21 Lot 2, Mason City, Except E 52.7’ Fulfillment Of Contract B08 P2783, $60,000.

 Derek J. Thomas and Sarah E.G. Thomas, to Richard A. Skilbred and Bette A. Skilbred, Midland Heights, Lot 450, Mason City, $29,500.

 Laurel M. O’Rourke, Kelley A. Crane, Attorney In Fact, to Russell D. Crane and Kelley A. Crane, Bel Air 3rd Add., Blk 7 Lot 22, Mason City, $66,000.

 Clear Lake Grain Storage LLC to Five Star Cooperative, 17-96-21, SE NW, SW NW, W/2 W/2 SE NW Exc E 66’ And Except S 150’ Of N216’ Of E150’ Except Iowa Terminal Railroad Right of Way; Part SW NW Lying E Of Ely Right Of Way I-35 And S Of Iowa Terminal Railroad Right Of Way, $1,390,000.

 North Iowa Growth LLC to Momberg Land LLC, Indianhead Park I, Blk 1 Lot 2, Mason City, $365,904.

 John Farquhar, to Jesse Pringnitz, 18-95-22, SE SW, 35 Tillable Acres (Survey To Follow At Later Date), $385,000.

 Nancy A. Jackson to Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, 21-95-22, SE SE, NE SE, SW SE, NW SE, Parcel “A” In Containing 51.67 Acres, $413,400.

 Eugene Galasso and Patricia Galasso, to Dennis W. Hill Revocable Trust and Victoria L. Hill Revocable Trust, Crane And Hill’s 1st Add to Oakwood Park, Blk 8 Lot 21, Blk 8 Lot 22, Clear Lake, $157,000.

 Central Iowa Lubrication LLC, to Marathon Ventures LLC, Latham Furniture Partnership Replat, Lot 7, Mason City, $58,000.

 Charles Kuhlemeier, Margaret Kay Kuhlemeier and Kay Kuhlemeier to River City Rifle and Pistol Club, 27-97-21, SW NW, $280,000.     

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