Cerro Gordo County

Monica Fredericks to Douglas E. Neuberger and Sandra M. Neuberger, 24-96-22, SE SE, Parcel In Part Of N 30 Acres (Containing 6.00 Acres), $285,000.

Robert D. Huffman and Lorie L. Huffman to Jacob W. Hiatt and Billie S. Hiatt, McGowan’s Add, Lot 6, Mason City, $210,000.

Kellar Inc., to Adam J. Severson and Katheryn L. Severson, Stone Pillar 17th Subdivision, Lot 7, Mason City, $289,708.

Craig A. Webber and Jackie D. Webber, to Jamie R. Bailey, Outlet Park Add, Blk 1 Lot 17, Clear Lake, N ½ Of Lot, $109,000.

Jacob W. Hiatt and Billie S. Hiatt to Ryan L. Uphoff and Sarah M. Smith, Kirtland (Original Town), Blk 4 Lot 1, Blk 4 Lot 2, Rockwell, $160,000.

Terry Hamm Executor, Marian Virginia Hamm Estate to Bernard A. Brennan, South Mason City (Original Town), Blk 3 Lot 8, Mason City, $12,000.

Vickie M. VanHeel, Matthew VanHeel, Scott H. Engleman, Scott Engleman, Deb Engleman, Debby Engleman, Allan D. Engleman, Allan Engleman, and Tracey Engleman, to Zachary A. Thompson and Lindsay D. Thompson, Mott’s 5th Add, Lot 3, Mason City, $60,000.

 Jay R. Mathis and Maria T. Mathis to Nicolle L. Medina, Woodlands 1st Sub, Lot 12, Clear Lake, $313,000.

 Nathan K. Peterson and Ann M. Peterson, to First Citizens National Bank, 20-97-21, NE SW, NW SW, Tract “A” (Containing 20.26 Acres) And Tract “B” (Containing 1.99 Acres) In Part Of, $180,511.23.

 Wade W. Busch and Gayles L. Busch, to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. Nominee, and Bank of America, Cottages At Pebble Creek, Bldg 7 Unit 85, Mason City, $140,000.

 Michael P. McGuire and Christine L. McGuire, to Clear Lake Bank And Trust Company, Cedar Ridge Subdivision, Lot 2, $210,000.

 Diane L. Dennler, Diane Dennler to First Citizens National Bank, Midland Heights, Lot 30, Lot 31, Mason City, $96,000.

 Jonathan C. Brown and Kariann L. Brown, to First Citizens National Bank, Regency 2 Sub, Blk 1 Lot 8, Mason City, $118,000.

 Randall S. Reid, Cynthia E. Reid, Cynthia Reid, to First Citizens National Bank, Northland 3rd Add, Lot 3, Lot 4, Clear Lake, E 20.75’ Of Lot 3 And W 41.48’ Of Lot 4, $44,000.

 John L. Brown and Nancy K. Brown, to Clear Lake Bank and Trust Company, Fieldstone 2nd Add, Blk 1 Lot 1, Clear Lake, $75,000.

Balachander Palaniswamy, and Chitra Devi Anangur Ganesan, to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. Nominee and First Financial Services Inc., Sunset Ridge Seventh Subdivision, Lot 2, Mason City, $319,675.

 William L. Gansemer, Will L. Gansemer, to Community National Bank, 10-96-20 Sub. Of Lot D Of Lot 13 Of Lot 1 SE 1/4 NW 1/4, Lot 3, Lot 4, Lot 6, Wly 7’ Of Lot 3, $70,000.

 North Iowa Community Credit Union, to Nathan L. Booth, 10-96-20 Auditor’s Plat Of Lot 13 SW 1/4, NE 1/4, Lot 2, Mason City, $77,500.

Elaine K. Honeck, Kathleen K. Burton and R. Leon Burton, to Andrew J. Clausen, East Park Place, Blk 8 Lot 2, Mason City, $57,000.

 Dale M. Kenne and Lynnette M. Kenne, to Walter G. Sayer Trustee, Brenda Sayer Trustee, Walter G. Sayer Revocable Trust, and Brenda Sayer Revocable Trust, Prairie View 2nd Add, Lot 4, Mason City, $277,000.

 Michael E. Ahrens and Lisa J. Ahrens, to Timothy J. Raber and Andrea J. Raber, Fieldstone 1st Add, Blk 7 Lot 10, Clear Lake, $242,500.

 Dixie L. Fullerton to Michael P. O’Connell and Shara L. O’Connell, Briarstone Estates 1st Add, Blk 4 Lot 12, Mason City, $270,000.

Timothy J. Raber and Andrea J. Raber, to Zane G. Zirbel, Pine Brooke First Subdivision, Lot 17, Clear Lake, $215,500.

 Helen J. Root, Leonard L. Root, Cherry R. Shogren, Attorney in Fact, to Dianne S. Hinders, Briarstone Lake Condominium, Bldg B Unit 17, Bldg B Unit 19, Bldg Garage 4 Unit Garage 12, Bldg Garage 4 Unit Garage 17, Mason City, $150,000.

 Tamara K. Prieskorn to William R. Zimmerle Jr., and Carrie L. Zimmerle, The Highlands, Blk 8 Lot 3, Mason City, $49,500.

 James N. Phillips, James Norman Phillips, Judy M. Phillips, Judith Marie Phillips, Judy Marie Phillips, to Jevan Loshbough and Rebecca E. Hill, 18-96-20 Sub. of E 1/2 SE 1/4, Lot 13, Mason City, Portion Of; Phillips Add, Lot 3, Lot 4, Mason City, S 18’ Of Lot 3, $152,000.

 BD Development Company LC to Margaret E. Bowe, Cottonwood Village Third Sub, Lot 10, Mason City, Lot 10 Except Part Described As Parcel D Described In Survey B12 P9287, $150,000.

 Howard A. O’Leary, Howard A. O’Leary Jr., to Mary J. Gambrell, Grand View, Blk 10 Lot 12, Mason City, $80,000.

 Russell S. Brown, Russell Brown and Linda Jane Brown, to Mary Rose Wakefield, Harbourage Condominium, Bldg J-1 Unit 15B, Clear Lake, $117,500.

 Timothy J. Cole to Randy W. Thomas and Rebecca C. Thomas, 08-95-21, SE SE, E 26.4 Acres Lying E of Interstate 35 And S. Of Centerline Of Beaver Dam Creek Exc, Parcel “A”, $149,900.

 TF 13 CCSB to David L. Schulte and Jamie N. Schulte, Burchinal (Original Town), Blk 11 Lot 9, Blk 11 Lot 12, Burchinal, $2,000.

 Kay L. Wieck, Fred Wieck, Kay L. Bacon to Jason A. Enke and Sarah A. Enke, Callanan’s, E.L., Add, Lot 6, Lot 7, Clear Lake; Sirrine’s Sub., Auditor’s Plat Of Lot 33 In Sub Of Lots 1 And 4 In Lot 5 In 13-96-22, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4, Clear Lake, Wly 20’ Of Lots, $255,000.

 Geraldine L. Brower, to Daniel G. Kaler and Sheryl R. Kaler, South Haven Add, Blk 2 Lot 3, Clear Lake, $17,677.

 Charles H. Brown and Ilene D. Brown, to Brian G. Pofahl, The Highlands, Blk 7 Lot 18, Mason City, $35,000.

 Mitchell J. Weiss and Carolyn M. Weiss, to David A. Berger and Tamara S. Berger, South Mason City (Original Town), Blk 25 Lot 7, Blk 25 Lot 8, Mason City, $70,000.

 Katherine Ellen Kennedy, Katherine Ellen Petersen, and Matthew S. Kennedy, to Elizabeth E. Parrott, 10-96-20 Sub. Of Lot D of Lot 13 of Lot 1 SE 1/4 NW 1/4, Lot 3, Exc WLY 7’, $82,000.

 Jason A. Enke, and Sarah A. Enke to Kristian C. Einsweiler and Molly R. Einsweiler, Clear Lake (Original Town), Blk 1 Lot 7, Clear Lake, Part of Lot, $189,500.

 Debra L. Lindner and Tim Lindner to Richard J. Mock and Tina Mock, Shorewood Hills Add, Blk 1 Lot 47, Clear Lake, $88,500.

 Sally E. Ward to Tami Anderson, College Add, Blk 3 Lot 1, Mason City, $25,000.

 David E. Mitchell Trustee, David E. Mitchell Revocable Trust, to Ivona Miszewski, Parker’s, A.T., Replat of Lots A, 214-235 Incl in Forest Park, Mason City, Lot 233, Mason City, $130,000.

 Country Club Estates LC to Larry Elwood Construction Inc., Fairways Fifth Subdivision, Lot 12, Mason City, $45,000.

 Elaine G. Pitkin Estate, Valerie Koehler Executor, to Phyllis D. Kern, Fourth Avenue Condominium, Bldg Unit 209, Clear Lake, $210,500.

 Quentin A. Bertelsen Trustee, Quentin A. Bertelsen Co-Trustee, Kathy L. Hirsch, Co-Trustee, Quentin A. Bertelsen Trust, Kathy L. Hirsch Trustee, to Dixie L. Fullerton, Cottonwood Village First subdivision, Blk 1 Lot 6, Mason City, W 1/2, $90,000.

 Kathy L. Hirsch Trustee, Marilyn J. Bertelsen Trust, to Dixie L. Fullerton, Cottonwood Village First Subdivision, Blk 1 Lot 6, Mason City W 1/2, $90,000.

 Charles H. Zirbel and Teri L. Zirbel, to Gerald R. Zirbel and Sandra K. Zirbel, Home Park Add, Blk 1 Lot 19, Mason City; Meservey’s Add, Blk 68 Lot 3, Blk 68 Lot 6, Mason City, $60,000.

 Michael H. Forbes and Patricia A. Forbes, to Kirk E. Sackett and Debra M. Sackett, Regency 2 Sub, Blk 2 Lot 8, Mason City, $135,000.

 Nancy K. Sevley to Douglas W. Kmetz and Susan M. Kmetz, Meadows Condominium, Bldg Unit 201, Bldg Garage Unit Garage 201, Clear Lake, $95,000.

 Soy Energy LLC to REG Mason City LLC, 13-96-21, NE NE, NW NE, SE NE, SW NE, Parcel “B” In Part Of As Described And Depicted In Amended Survey B06 P6183, Personal Property In The Amount Of $12,792,923 Is Exempt From Documentary Revenue Stamps, $16,540,000.

 Dale F. Richtsmeier and Kate A. Richtsmeier, to Randall J. Park and Barbara J. Park, Simenson’s Park, Blk 3 Lot 10, Clear Lake, $117,000.

 Willis A. White, Willis White, to Dennis J. Culp Trustee, Adella D. White Trust, Rolling Acres 4th Add, Blk 4 Lot 21, Mason City, $50,000.