The Clear Lake Police Department is investigating 10 reports of vandalism this weekend.

The incidents occurred between Friday and Monday. Nine out of the ten incidents were graffiti and appear to have been completed by the same person or persons, police said in a release.  

Officials say the graffiti marks have similar elements such as language, style, drawing and message.

The damage was done using a permanent-type marker or spray paint. No threats were made. The other report of vandalism was physical damage to an exterior door that appears unrelated, police said.

Of the nine graffiti incidents, the damage was:

  • On exterior doors and walls to three businesses.
  • Inside three public restrooms maintained by the City of Clear Lake.
  • the common area in an apartment building.
  • On the exterior of one vehicle.

Police are still assessing costs for repairing the damage.

Preliminary estimates total over $3,000, which classifies it as a felony second degree criminal mischief, police said. The charge could change as costs or repairs become final.  

Those with information regarding these incidents, or those who want to report newly discovered damage, contact the Clear Lake Police Department at 641-357-2186.

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