Brandon A Neve, Kassie Kay Neve to Robert J Stoltenberg, WestHaven Block 2 Lot 25 Mason City, $69,000.

PT Castle Company to Joseph K Chodur, South Mason City (Original Town) Block 16 Lot 2 Exc S 10' Mason City, $30,000.

Michael A Dudgeon Trustee, Dorothy A Revocable Trust to Curt R Ferris, Petersen's Add Lot 5 Exc Nly 10' Lot 6 Clear Lake, $118,000.

Patricia A Frisby to Melissa K Thome, Midland Heights 1st Add Lot 638 Mason City $67,500.

Jacquelyn M Dunavan, Christine A Uhlenhopp, Michael Uhlenhopp to Tabitha J Thies, Rolling Acres Add Block 6 Lot 7 Mason City, $81,750.

South Shore Inn LLC to Sunset Ventures LLC, Sirrine's Add Block 4 Lot 1 Block 4 Lot 2 NEly 44' of Lot 2 & Portion of Vac State St Personal Property in Amount of $400,000 Exempt from Revenue Stamps Clear Lake, $1,700,000.

Adel F Makar to Christina J Dodge, Briarstone Esates 2nd Add Block 3 Lot 19 Mason City, $420,000.

Tammy L King Executor, Kenneth M Soppeland Executor, Marvin K Soppeland Executor to Daryl E Gobeli, Troy A Gobeli, Sixth Court Add Lot 12 Mason City, $25,000.

Dorothy H Sjostrand, Lavern W Robeoltman Attorney in Fact to Caleb J Nuehring, Kirtland (Original Town) Block 5 Lot 10 Rockwell, $60,000.

Fritzler Family Enterprises LLC to David D Platts, Sherri A Platts, 10-96-20 Auditor's Plat of Lot 21 NE1/4 NW1/4 Lot 4 E 31 1/2' Exc The S 2 Rods Mason City, $47,500.

Fritzler Family Enterprises LLC to David D Platts, Sherri A Platts, Allyn's W.H. Sub of Lots 6 ^ 12 & W11/16 of Lot 9 in NW/4 NE/4 10-96-20 Block B Lot 2 Part of Mason City, $47,500.

Kathleen A Stephenson Executor, Sarabelle Steiner Estate to Eugene G Feauto, Susan B Feauto, College Add Block 9 Lot 9 Mason City, $75,000.

Martin E Eyberg, Cindy L Eyberg to Kathleen A Shea, Richardson's J.A. 1st Add Block 1 Lot 8 W1/2 Mason City, $117,000.

Sheryl A Lockwood Executor, Duane L Jewell Estate to Zachary Lensing, Bel Air 2nd Add Block 12 Lot 19 Mason City, $130,000.

John W Moore, Alexis I Moore to Joshua J Reuter, Amanda M Kockler, Briarstone Lake Condominium Bldg A Unit 12 Bldg Garage 5 Unite Garage 4 Mason City, $80,000.

Michael A Daley, Jeannine G Daley, Michale A Daley Sr to James P Miles, Mae E Miles, Elder Sub Lot 1 Lot 2 Mason City, $168,000.

Heather Lynn Asbe to Zachery P Gossweiler, Rockwell (Original Town) Block 10 Lot 4 Block 10 Lot 5 Block 10 Lot 6 Rockwell, $64,000.

VP Rental Properties LLC to Steve W Fields, Alicia J Runge, Parker's 5th Add Block B Lot 1 Block B Lot 2 E 125' Mason City, $102,000.

Max R Rohlfsen, Erin M Rohlfsen to Julia T Tingtella, Rolling Acres 3rd Add Block 7 Lot 18 Mason City, $134,900

Aaron D Nicoletto, Abigail L Nicoletto to Shadrach K Ogboji, Kathryn R Ogboji, Oakwood Rancher's 1st Add Lot 8 Clear Lake, $143,900.

Roger M Tietjens, Cheryl A Tietjens to Robert D Lugar, Debra K Lugar, 1132 North Illinois Storage Condominium Bldg Unit 7 Mason City, $25,000.

Joshua Homes Inc to Daniel R Hansen, Laura S Hansen, Pine Brooke Second Subdivision Lot 14 Clear Lake, $239,900.

Jeffrey S Nichols, Kristen E Nichols to Troy L Aukes, Lori A Aukes, Fox Meadows 2nd Sub Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 2 Exc S 37.5' & Lot 3 Exc N 25' Mason City, $390,000.

Lee A Nagel, Kayla M Nagel to Tracy D Miller, Danielle E Miller, WestHaven Block 3 Lot 8 Block 3 Lot 9 Mason City, $53,000.

Jeanette A Nelsen to Seth G Harmon, East Park Place Add Block 8 Lot 4 Mason City, $64,900.

Garold W Fankell, Joni E Madsen to Chris J Larsen, Kristi L Larsen, Pilot House Bldg Unit 505 Clear Lake, $80,900.

Darrel K Lind, Marilyn K Lind to Michael D Gettis, Jean M Gettis, Broadlawn's 3rd Add Block 2 Lot 4 Mason City, $182,000.

Kendall D Petersen, Darlene M Petersen to James P Karkos Trustee/Revocable Family Trust, Linda R Campana Trustee/Revocable Family Trust, Willowgreen 2nd Add Block 1 Hot H Block 1 Lot 1 Block 1 Lot J Mason City, $327,500.

Alexander J Yohn to Darron M Jones, Julie A Jones, Oakwood Park Block 7 Lot O & Strip between Lot & Short of Lake being 50' in width, $625,000.

Kaleb J Roth to Brian H Niesen, East Park Place Add Block 1 Lot 17 Mason City, $122,500.

Sarah L Rollefson, Russell G Rollefson to Ronald R Walls, Roger's & Sandry's Add Block 2 Lot 18 Block 2 Lot 19 Lot 18 Exc the S 10' & S 20.08' of Lot 19 Undivided 1/4 Int Clear Lake, $11,500.

Frauenshuh Hospitality Group of Minnesota LLC to Snyder Construction Parternship LLP, 07-96-21 NE SE Parcel 4 Part 1 lying Nly of US Highway 18 & W of Centerline of Drainage Ditch #40 & Parcel 4 Part 2 Parcel 'E' in part as desc in Survey B01 P6543, $275,000.

MCW Airport Condos LLC to Steven J Weiner, Jill A Weiner, Hovland Hangars Condominium Bldg Unit A Includes Leasehold Improvements Mason City, $125,000.

Stacie A Goebel, Mark S Goebel, Eric W Muhlstein Attorney In Fact, Donna M Muhlstein, Sharon J Muhlstein to Scott A Cooper, Patton's W.L. 2nd Add Block 3 Lot 8 Mason City, $105,000.