Joshua J Behr to Arlene M Jacobson Revocable Trust, Pattee's Add Lot 4 Lot Outlo 5 W 61.94' of Outlot 5 Mason City, $127,500.

Jessie L Oelkers to Curtis A Holt, Kristy A Holt, 33-94-21 NE SW SE SW E 40 Acres of SW 1/4, $105,000.

Jason P Sencer, Laura A Sencer to Robert G Scheppler, Carolyn K Scheppler, Brice & Ong Land Co's Street Railway Add Block 6 Lots 7-8 Mason City, $80,000.

Carl J Mealy Jr Coexecutor, Cynthia M Mealy Coexecutor, Catherine A Shea Coexecutor, Aliceann M Janechek Coexecutor, Alice N Mealy Estate to Larry M Gallagher, Nancy L Gallagher, Jason R Gallagher, Lakeview 2nd Add Lot 25 Block Outlot Lot Outlot A Portion of Outlot A as Desc & Depicted in Survey B140 P328 Mason City 05-96-20 SW SE Portion of Tract #3 as Desc in Survey B140 P328 & Tract #2 in Part of as Desc & Depicted in Survey B114 P402, $262,000.

Jennifer J B Langhart to Ryan M Wade, Kathleen A Wade, Felt's Paul Plat of Mason City Auditor's Plat of Lots 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8 Block 16 Lot 3 E 50' (sub of Lot 6 in Block 16) Mason City, $40,000.

Thomas M Meyer Executor, Richard H Meyer Estate to Jon D Benson, Nikole D Benson, Brice & Ong Land Co's Street Railway Add Blok 1 Lot 12-13 N 50' of Lots Mason City, $35,000.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Attorney in Fact, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc to Landing Place Homes LLC, Brice & Ong Land Co's Street Railway Add Block 2 Lot 18 Mason City, $18,000.

Country Club Estates LC to Larry Elwood Construction Inc, Fairways Fifth Subdivision Lot 11 Mason City, $45,000.

Larry M Gallagher, Nancy L Gallagher to Steven D Heller, Vivian A Heller, Willowbrook Add Sub of Block 13 Lot 2 Mason City, $187,500.

Brian Campbell, Merrilee L Campbell to Casey Tyson, Browne's Add Block 55 Lot 2 E 58 1/2' Mason City, $11,900.

Abbie L Jurgens, Jordan D Jurgens to Michael L Hopkey, Barbara K Hopkey, Nattress' Jacob Sub of 24-94-22 Block 1 Lot5-7 Lot 7 Exc W 44', $138,000.

Mark E Ingebretson Attorney In Fact, Marilyn Ingebretson to Connor L West, Knapp's 1st Add Block 8 Lots 2-3 W 10' of N1/2 of Lot 2 & E 50' of N1/2 of Lot 3 Thornton, $50,000.

Douglas K Peterson, Kimberly Kay Peterson to QTC Investments LLC, 34-97-20 NW NW Tract in as desc & depicted in Survey B112 P335, $300,000.

Lindsay E Sanchez Poulos, Christopher M Poulos to BP Investment Properties LLC, Law's Add Block 1 Lot 2 Mason City, $57,000.

Theresa A Sheehy Executor, John C Braun Estate to Douglas D Angell Trustee/Revocable Living Trust, Jane E Angell Trustee/Revocable Living Trust, Young's Sub of Lots 3, 6, 9 & 10 & pt of Lots 1 & 2 in 11-96-20 Block 13 Lots 23-24 S1/2 of Lots, $88,500.

Daniel E Courtney, Jeanne M Courtney to William F Haase, Kimberly A Haase, Regency Sub Lot 8 Mason City, $158,500.

Justin R Birkhofer, Megan S Drew Birkhofer, to Anthony C Martin, Autumn J Martin 31-94-22 SE SW Portion Of, $165,000.