WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers crafting a sweeping farm bill in 2008 promised it would cut government payments to wealthy farmers. Two years later little appears to have changed.

Data made public Wednesday shows that the wealthiest farmers in the country are still receiving the bulk of government cash, despite claims from lawmakers that reforms in the bill would put more money in the hands of smaller farms. At the same time, a series of exemptions written into the bill has made it more difficult for the public to find out who is receiving what.

Lawmakers writing the $290 billion bill included several provisions aimed at cutting down on government subsidies to the wealthiest farmers. They sought to eliminate a loophole that allowed farmers to collect higher payments and they set income limits for those who received subsidies. Though those new laws may have cut down on payments to some farmers, others have been able to find ways around them.

Such subsidies to the nation’s largest farms are a mainstay of congressional politics and an eternal frustration to those who want to eliminate them.

Five N.I. farming operations in Iowa top 20 for 2009

Five North Iowa farm operations were among the top 20 recipients of federal farm subsidies in Iowa for 2009.

• H & J Buseman Farms, Belmond, ranked 10th by receiving $162,085.

• Vierkandt Farms, Alden, ranked 11th, receiving $162,011.

• Dandyland Farms,  Garner, ranked 12th, receiving $157,190.

• Marilyn Benson, Algona, ranked 13th, receiving $148,543.

• Shelton Hay Ag, Woolstock, ranked 19th, receiving $135,404.

— For a complete list and more information about each farm visit the Environmental Working Group at http://farm.ewg.org/

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Another Day Older

What? You mean the rich get richer at our government's hands? In America? Today? Where's Chuck Grassley's outrage over this waste, fraud and abuse?


This story was just run yesterday with a slightly different heading (they changed the word "Cash to Subsidies, I think). There was a lot of interesting comments made. I'm linking to a GG story, so I would think a GG link would be okay? I just have to wonder why that one was buried and this put up again with a different heading. Exact same story. Someone at the paper a farmer? http://globegazette.com/news/iowa/article_2ccfd848-5840-11df-bb28-001cc4c002e0.html?mode=comments


You can search Grassley or any farmer on the website provided in the article. Chuck's daughter doesn't mind the subsidies. $783k over 15 years, not too bad. Thanks Dad!

concerned voter

The government subsidizing the American farmer??? Say it ain't so! This is just another way that the taxpayers of this State and country have their money spent. Ethanol is another example of a handout that should be stopped. And people wonder why farms are getting bigger.


Let the truth be known. There is alot that this article does not say. Lets say Farmer Brown only got 300k for the year and his wife Mrs.Farmer Brown got 200k for the year thats 1/2 a mil between them. Then dont forget the Browns family Farm that got 250k for the year. Thats one the paper fails to see.


Chuck, I can not believe you would allow your family to receive more than 3/4 of a million dollars from our federal government that you are always seeming to look out for us taxpayers and trying to be the big conservative you claim to be! What a hyprocrite you and most other far rightwingers are. Give me a break, your kind of people have no consience!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can see now why Roxanne is closing the gap, you are about to be sent back to your little farm with your out house you love. LOL

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