CLEAR LAKE - A 1969 Camaro that was rebuilt by a Clear Lake man and owned by rock star Bret Michaels sold for $200,000 during the annual Barrett-Jackson collector car auction in Arizona on Saturday.

"Surprised isn't even the word, more like shocked and overwhelmed," said Bruce Steinberg, owner of the North Iowa Collision Center, Clear Lake, who rebuilt the car. "We had an idea in our head how much it would go for, but not that."

Steinberg and employees watched the live auction on SPEED Channel during their Christmas party on Saturday.

"That was kind of a neat plus (watching it during the Christmas party)," he said.

Steinberg purchased the car five or six years ago from the JBS Salvage Yard in Britt, rebuilt it and sold it in 2008 to American Dream Machines in Des Moines.

Michaels bought it 30 days later and has featured it in a music video and TV shows, such as "MTV Cribs".

The rock star was on hand for the auction on Saturday and even threw in a guitar and lifetime concert tickets for the man who bought the car.

The name of the man who bought it was not immediately available.

All proceeds from the sale of the Camaro went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Michaels has had diabetes since the age of 6 and coincidentally Steinberg's son, James, has diabetes, too.

- By Laura Bird


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