DES MOINES (AP) — Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit seeking to force the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop planting genetically modified crops in wildlife refuges in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri.

The federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday in California by the Center for Food Safety, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the Sierra Club, and Beyond Pesticides.

It alleges the Fish and Wildlife Service unlawfully entered into farming contracts on five refuges in the four states without an environmental analysis required by federal law.

The lawsuit also seeks to have the service end blanket pesticide use in the national wildlife refuges until environmental impact studies are done.

A similar lawsuit halted the practice of planting GMOs in refuges in several states the northeast and in the southeast.

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I really see no sense in using GMO products in wildllife refuges! Who cares, plant the corn or whatever they and simply let the wild weeds and wild flowers fill in the void!


Not sure what gonefishing is trying to say there...GMOs make no sense anywhere, of course, in terms of sustainability and environmental health, but that's farming today. GMO crops are planted virtually everywhere, and in some sense farmers have little choice but to grow them. Non-GMO seed is all but unavailable. Seed-saving is essentially illegal. Banning their use in a wildlife refuge is an essential step toward environmental sanity. Grow organic! Better yet, restore that land to nature.

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