OSAGE | On June 12 and 15, the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Mitchell County 4-H program held an Insect Adventures Day Camp for youth in kindergarten and first grades.

The camp on June 12 was held at the Mitchell County Extension office and the camp on June 15 was held at the Cedar River Complex Events Center.

The youth participated in a variety of activities including building an insect, painting butterfly wings, and going on an “insectpedition” collecting insects and examining them before letting them go. The youth also made paper and built an ant farm to take home.

Eleven youth participated in the day camp on June 12. Those attending were Hank Clark, Madalyn Cooper, Tess Darrow, Jackson Ellison, Sophia Huisman, Lucas Kruse, Robert Marks, Leighton Rosenberg, Lily Souder, Keaton Sullivan and Kellen Taets.

A total of 21 students participated in the day camp on June 15. Those attending were Evan Bremer, Olivia Chapman, Ashtyn Cordes, Ben Gerdman, Beau Harris, Brittany Harris, Brynnlie Havig, Brooke Irvin, Colton Jensen, Dashiel Jensen, Zachary Jensen, Carter Johanns, Lucas Johanns, Trey Johanns, Riley Johnson, Lexi Juhl, Kiersten McRoberts, Toby Newton, Laila Rogers, Kaylee Schwarck and Ezra Weber.

The day camp was organized and led by Susan Ringhofer, Clover Kids Educator, and Roni Kruse, ISU summer assistant. Volunteers who helped with the day camps were Lindsay Hemann, Rafe Miller, Hanna Mullenbach, Emmi Taets, Haley Walters and Michelle Wright.


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