MCINTIRE | The Pro Farm Pullers held their Fifth Annual Points Meeting on Friday, Feb. 2 at the Red Man Bar and Grill in McIntire.

A total of 48 people attended the meeting which a meal, prizes (donated by area businesses) and awards for points.

The following points awards were handed out by the group:

8600 lb. Class: 1. Tom Shatek, Lourdes, 2. Leonard Fravel, Cresco, 3. Cory Kruse, McIntire, 4. Denny Smith, Lourdes, 5. Kroneman Farm, Osage, 6. Jared Gragert, Lime Springs, 7. Richard Kruse, McIntire.

9600 lb. Class: 1. Leonard Fravel, 2. Tom Shatek, 3. Cory Kruse, 4. Denny Smith, 5. Kroneman Farm, 6. Richard Kruse, 7. Jared Gragert.

10,600 lb. Class: 1. Leonard Fravel, 2. Denny Smith, 3. Tom Shatek, 4. Cory Kruse, 5. Kroneman Farm, 6. Jared Gragert, 7. Richard Kruse.

The 18 members of the club are Tom Shatek, Richard Kruse, Cole Kruse, Riceville; Cory Kruse, Denny Smith, Leonard Fravel, Ken Kroneman, Travis Kroneman, Osage; Jared Gragert, Jessie Larson, Clarks Grove, Minnesota; Jason Hovendick, Northwood; Marr Hovendick, Albert Lea, Minnesota; Kim Bissen, Adams, Minnesota; Stan Mehmen, Nashua; Ron Niemeyer, Nashua; Kyle Mehmen, Nashua; Danny Mullenbach, Adams, Minnesota; and Brian Smith, Cresco.

The meeting included discussion regarding last year's events and rules for 2018 and future schedules.